Are Electric Paint Rollers Good Value for the Money?

Are you planning to switch from standard paint rollers to electric ones? Find out whether this new trend is worth spending cash or not right here. 

Nowadays, everything has become modernized, even down to painting equipment like rollers. It is now rare to see professional painters with their brushes and rollers when doing large-scale paint jobs. Using spray guns and electric paint rollers became the standard due to their efficiency and speed.

Power roller systems also called electric paint rollers have been around for a while like spray guns. Although some homeowners still rely on standard paint rollers for small painting projects, many have come to prefer electric paint rollers. But is it worth it?

How does it work? 

A standard paint roller is a cylindrical brush attached to a handle that you’ll have to soak the roller in the paint before applying to the surface. On the other hand, a powered paint roller is more simplified. You don’t have to soak the roller with paint since there is paint inside its tube or container. The tube consists of a pump that pushes the paint into the roller through small holes. Then, the paint leaks out of the brush as you roll it on a surface.

An electric paint roller operates with a push button, thereby reducing the work of dipping the tube in the paint. It is quite innovative and a smart solution in improving the speed of work and convenience.

Is it Worth It? 

Electric paint rollers have their advantages and downfalls, like spray guns. You can tell from paint roller reviews here that this equipment offers many perks. Below are the pros of using this equipment.

#1 Easy to Use

Electric paint rollers are user-friendly. It is simple and easy to understand, unlike spray guns that require a bit of skill and technique.

To use the equipment, fill the tube’s canister with paint before turning it on. Once switched on, the pump will automatically move the paint from the canister to the roller, and ready to use.

#2 Speed 

The roller system is designed for quick application. It allows you to cover a large area in a short period. Thus, you can do several projects with this equipment and quicker.

#3 Smooth Finish

One of the advantages of this innovative paint roller is its ability to do smooth and even coverage. It is challenging to achieve a smooth finish with a standard paint roller since you’ll have to keep on soaking the tube once it dries out. In electric paint rollers, the paint continuously comes out of the tube, which allows you to paint with uniformity.

The Drawbacks

Electric paint rollers also have some drawbacks. Here it is.

#1 Uses a Lot of Paint

This equipment needs a lot of paint, which often results to paint wastage. Thus, you might end up using more paint than you normally do in a project. Likewise, electric paint rollers are quite messy. The paint could splatter and spill out of the tube.

#2 Only for Large-Scale Projects

Electric paint rollers are not suitable for small projects. Since it utilizes more paint, it will be tough to control the roller in painting smaller areas. For small projects, small standard rollers are the best option, as well as paintbrushes.