Best Low Profile Jack 2019

Cars and other transport vehicle that carry people and their luggage are getting improved and versatile these days. With new and improved technology and modern design language that has changed almost every industry over the years, car are no exception. New cars and trucks are being made with low ground clearance to avoid wind resistance.

Low profile cars are aero-dynamically better than the lifted up cars and these provide better fuel average too. Hence most of the buyers these days are inclined towards buying such cars that are more efficient and effective. With the advent of low profile cars, the biggest problem that came to everyone’s mind was the lifting up problem of these cars because whenever you get a flat tire, it was impossible to lift these cars with old conventional jacks. This problem is solved by the advent of new low profile car jacks. There are a number of companies that started manufacturing these low profile jacks. Hence the most important question of today is where to find cost effective yet very efficient low profile jack that can lift up the car with ease by using company recommended jack points beneath the car. Let us discuss hot to choose a low profile lift jack

Power built 620479E Extra Low Profile Floor Jack:

This jack is built for the cars and other vehicles that have ground clearance of almost 3 to 4 inches which it can lift up to 15 to 16 inches. In this way you have enough space to lift up the car. It is made very beefy and thick to give you steady look and feel while changing your car tires.

These cars are also fit for low profile racing cars that use very delegate parts and pin points where you can slide in your jack. These jacks are also liked by your roadside mechanics and people around you who own low profile vehicles. It can also be used to lift anything for that purpose that has weight up to 2 to 3.5 tons.

Let us discuss some of the key features of this low profile jack.

1. Cost Effectiveness:

This jack comes with all qualities and features of a modern low profile jack, yet it is very cheap so that anyone can buy it and use it without any compliant. These days the competition among auto parts manufacturers has yield to low prices and to compete in the market the best way is to give customers with the best value for their buck and this is what this jack does. It provides all the modern features yet at minimum possible price so that it becomes very difficult for you to resist such product.

2. Steady built quality:

This jack is made up of high quality steal alloy that helps in steady built quality and very low weight. Hence you can use it with utmost confidence. It will lift your vehicle that has weight up to 3 tons with ease.

 3. Low ground clearance:

It has very low ground Clarence to dig under your car with great efficiency and lift your car properly without any slide.

4. Stainless steel safety bar:

Stainless steel bar is used to protect your vehicle from getting scuffed up while you are replacing its tire.