Buyer’s Guide: Useful Tips When Shopping for the Best Heart Rate Monitor

Heart rate monitor is now an essential monitoring device for fitness and sports enthusiasts that tells you when to speed up or increase the intensity of your workout or physical training and when to slow down to get the best result.

If you are planning to purchase a heart rate monitor but confused which one to choose from with so many options in the market today, the following are useful tips that will help you pick the best and right heart rate monitor for you.


#1: Know the two primary types of heart rate monitor

When shopping for a heart rate monitor you must pick between a chest-strapped heart rate monitor and continuous reading wristwatch.

  • Chest-strapped heart rate monitor

The chest-strapped heart rate monitor is the most accurate type of heart rate monitor since the sensor inside the strap is placed near the heart. To use the monitor, the user must strap the monitor at the chest region; through this, the electrodes or the infra-red sensors will read and analyze the heart rate which will be displayed to a receiver which can be through a smart phone or in most cases a wrist watch.

  • Continuous reading wristwatch

The continuous reading wristwatch heart rate monitor is the most convenient and less expensive type of heart rate monitor. The watch will gather heart rate data through pulse reading; however, to get an accurate data, wristwatch heart rate monitor should be worn correctly and snugly to the wrist.

#2: Choose a heart rate monitor with easy-to-understand features

There are a lot of heart rate monitor with nice and advanced features; however, only a few of these are user-friendly. If you are going to purchase a heart rate monitor, make sure that all the features are easy to use and understand.

Here are the basic features that a heart rate monitor should have:

  • Records your workout
  • Provides you continuous, high, average, and low heart rate data.
  • Provides you high and low target heart rate during your workout.
  • There are models that are partnered with foot pod that will help you track your speed, cadence, and distance (a very useful feature for runners).
  • GPS receiver (for some models).

If you go for an expensive heart rate monitor, make sure to look for these following features that will make your purchase worth-it:

  • Offers 3 or more the target zones
  • Features clock, stopwatch (split and lap), alarm, and calendar.
  • Provides data on recovery rate
  • Records data on the time you spend exercising within your current target zones.
  • Records and provide data on burned calories.

There are more features to look for if you ought to purchase an expensive type of heart rate monitor.

#3: Make sure it is accurate

The most critical factor to consider when purchasing a heart rate monitor is its accuracy. If you are going to invest one, especially an expensive type, make sure it is accurate. Try to read a reliable product review on the brand that you are planning to purchase and find out how accurate the readings are.

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