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Best Countertop Water Filters

Water filter or water purifiers are essential no matter where you live. You wouldn’t want to take in impure natural water, which could be harmful to you in the longer run. Global warming is another contributing factor to this phenomenon. In order to live a safe and hygienic life, it’s a good idea to start using water filters or water purifiers. See more at best purification. How Does a Water Filter Countertop Help? Now, using this product does not always restrict us to use any kind of water filter available nearby, but is also introducing us to choose our necessary…


How poor lifestyle choices are causing memory loss

Memory loss, is not an illusion, it is real and affects many people across all ages to a large extent. Some cases of memory loss are not caused by aging or related conditions such as Alzheimer but more so from daily lifestyle choices that people make. For example, many people across the globe are smokers. Some of substances that they smoke include tobacco cigarettes, and marijuana. Smoking is a big threat to the lungs and the throat. However, what many people don’t know is that smoking is also harmful to the brain. It reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches…

headshot of a nervous girl with a hairbrush

Effects of stress on hair and how to prevent hair loss

Stress is not just an annoying thing that we have to face every now and then: it is also one of the major health and beauty saboteurs. It causes insomnia, dehydration, cravings for junk foods which result to various negative effects. When under stress, the majority of people will notice more hair getting left in their comb brush or the scalp getting itchier and more sensitive. Though majority of them don’t associate this phenomenon with stress, this could be a reflection of a big health problem lying underneath. A major physical or psychological stress such as death in the family,…


A closer look at prenatal exercises and their importance

Prenatal physical exercises are very essential both for the mother and for the baby. Exercise is important even for mothers who have not been engaging in exercise before pregnancy. The types of exercises that one can engage in vary greatly, for most pregnant women, their exercises mostly range from simple exercises such as walking to more intense workouts such as running, aerobics and yoga. Mothers-to-be can participate in a wide range of exercises without the risk of harming themselves or the unborn baby they are carrying. Cardio exercises are especially important for pregnant women since they help them to build…

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