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Optometry: Can You See Your Future Clearly?

Optometry: Can You See Your Future Clearly?

Optometry is an ideal career for those who want to help as many people as possible. When you work in this field, you are helping people to see the world around them as crisp and clearly as possible. This ensures that they are safe when doing things like driving and that they never miss a moment when great things are happening. Biochemistry is another field you can look into if you want to make a career out of helping others. The most important part of both careers is ensuring that you get the right education so that you have the…

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Picking a Winner Cloud!

Everywhere you look today, there seems to be an ad promising free storage space on a cloud server just waiting for you to join.  From Google Drive to Microsoft’s SkyDrive, from Box to Dropbox, all of them make offers of free space, and even take on ways to get more space, even if its from a referral service through affiliated links in Dropbox’s case. There is another company that’s worth a look, and that company is SugarSync. SugarSync compares to the better known Dropbox yet surpasses it. Regarding Online backup and cloud storage, SugarSync allows you to backup any folder…

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Tips for Enhancing Mac Cloud Security

Backing up your data seems to be the most important thing taught to anyone in the IT field. In fact, it happens to be the number one thing my A+ exam preparation teacher told and reminded us, his students, of every class period: back up to keep from cracking up.  Though the A+ certification is an entry level certification for PCs, Apple has its own Backup solution: Backup Exec. Backup Exec 2010 R3 has been enhanced and now uses stronger protocols in order to ensure secure communication between remote agents and media servers, thereby reducing the possibility that restore or…


Picture Perfect Clouds

Cloud storage seems to be the hottest trend in storage today, and there are so many digital items that users love to store. This is not only confidential or private information – there are baby videos, photos that show the progression of a family, even your grandparents’ weddings and other photos that have survived the tests time and nature. How does one back these up, let alone an entire hard drive? With your photos and movies, there are several online options to choose from. First, we have Flickr, which is a popular site with free membership where account holders share…


Cloud Storage and Its Potential Threats

There are many ways to back up your important and confidential information these days and the best way to accomplish this is called using the Cloud. Or as the introduction commercials back from the early 2000s had them, “to the Cloud”, care of our friends at Microsoft for their Windows 7 launch. It all seems quite futuristic, since this technology allows you to store digital information in a non-physical, but accessible by your workstation location. But, even something as futuristic as Cloud storage has its potential threats, and the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has labeled their top nine threats for…


HIPPA Variations

Earlier in 2013, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued a Final Rule to modify the 1996 HIPAA legislation, which is now the beating heart of healthcare data portability, privacy and security. The reason behind the final rule and its new level of security is a basic reason. Through the years, healthcare has had some serious deficiencies and it’s still the prime target for identity theft, and its main problem of financial fraud, especially Medicare Fraud which whistles to the tune of $70 billion a year alone. The HIPAA’s final rule clarifies the financial and legal liabilities for…


Free – But is it Secure?

Cloud storage is a popular topic for many people, both commercial and private, and even financial institutions are looking towards solutions as a way to reduce costs while increasing the reliability of confidential and critical information. But, as with all great opportunities, there is risk involved. There are many services offering free storage space, but the question remains: are they secure from prying eyes, even their own? The first issue with free cloud space is the user will never be sure what level of security a provider is using to secure the user’s data. Also, it should be noted that…

Best Engineering Schools in the USA

Best Engineering Schools in the USA

In general going to college for a degree in engineering can provide students with a platform to develop engineering habits that they will use all through their careers, such as analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, and an understanding of the design process. There are 30 different types of engineering degrees available, such as Civil, Aerospace, Industrial, Mechanical, Computer, Electrical, Robotics, Construction, and Biomedical to name a few. Petroleum engineers are those who choose to work in the petroleum industry, which is concerned with activities that create hydrocarbons of either natural gas or crude oil. Petroleum engineers work to develop and design…

The Growing Demand Of Lesser Known Professions

The Growing Demand Of Lesser Known Professions

The healthcare industry has been growing for a few years now, and it is expected to keep growing for the next decade. Unfortunately there are more people demanding healthcare now than there are professionals to fill that demand. No matter where you are in the globe, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals are in high demand, and in some countries severely lacking. There are many professions in the healthcare world that some many not even think about; for example, a person who holds a degree in music could apply for a position as a music therapist. Phlebotomy is another field…

Skydrive or Dropbox: Know your Options!

Skydrive or Dropbox: Know your Options!

Skydrive and Dropbox have both shown a lot of promise when it comes to making file sharing easier, but which one is better for your purposes? The answer to this depends greatly on what you plan to use it for and what features you prefer and what your viewing preference is. Let’s take a look at what features are available with each one. This will help you determine which program suits your purposes. Skydrive Skydrive is a form of cloud storage. It has been around longer than dropbox and it was made with functionality in mind. There are a lot…


The MIDI Sprout Allows Your Plants To Play Music

Musical instrument digital interface or MIDI is a technical standard which can allow various devices to communicate with each other to create unique and sometimes complex music arrangements. Originally used only for those who wished electronic instruments to be added to their music, the MIDI is now a standard and used in a wide variety of applications. As early as the 19th century people have used the power of plants as therapy; gardening can be a form of meditation as one picks the weeds, lays new seed and digs through the dirt. When seniors come together and start a garden…

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Using Sound Engineering To Hack Your Brain Into Happiness

Music has the ability to evoke powerful emotions in people; it can trigger either intense happiness or deep sadness. Music also has the ability to change the way our brains think, and research has proven that studying music can increase the size of your grey matter. With the relatively recent ability to study the brain using computerized tomography (CT), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scientists can now “watch” the way different parts of the brain reacts to various stimuli presented to the subject. A special dye is injected into a person’s bloodstream, which will allow an increase in contrast so…

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