Common Misconceptions about Medical Marijuana and its Dispensaries

Medical marijuana took center stage in the healthcare and medical industry several years now. Despite the increasing awareness of many people behind its effects, numerous individuals can’t see beyond the negative impact of this herb. No wonder the legal status of medical marijuana remains disputable.

Since medical marijuana is often bathed in a negative light, many misconceptions arouse from its uses and effects on health. Sadly, many individuals have come to believe it due to poor cognizance.

If you are one of these people who want to know more about this controversial herb, below are some of the misconceptions about medical marijuana and the truth behind them.

#1 All Types of Marijuana Products are Addictive and has Euphoric Effects

It is a false belief that all products derived from marijuana are addictive.

Truth to be told, it is true that marijuana is addicting. Also, many individuals developed a dependency on this herb. But it is wrong to generalize that every marijuana product induces psychoactive effects and addicting.

Medical marijuana (also called as cannabis) is different from THC. Cannabis has no euphoric tendencies to users, unlike the THC that has a strong psychoactive impact. Moreover, THC is one of the reasons behind the strong addiction to this substance. If a person uses cannabis according to the physician’s prescription, addiction, and dependency on the substance are minimal.

#2 Medical Marijuana is Not an Effective Treatment

Remember that medical marijuana or cannabis is still a Schedule I drug as declared by the Federal Law. Although some states, including Canada, officially announced the legality of cannabis use on a state level, individuals who are caught doing wrongful use of the substance are still punishable by the Federal government. It is one of the reasons why there is so little scientific research about this herb.

Though there are few shreds of evidence supporting its efficacy, it does not entirely conclude that cannabis doesn’t work. Many patients who use cannabis showed progress over time. It is all about choosing the correct strain and dosage to speed up the healing treatment.

#3 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries can Sell Cannabis Products to Anyone

It is wrong to believe that anyone can obtain medical marijuana only because the state legalized the usage and marketing of the substance.

Take note that not everyone can buy any cannabis product at dispensaries. The dispensaries are the so-called pharmacies of medical marijuana products. Only individuals with an authentic prescription from a medical professional can buy cannabis. Likewise, dispensaries are forbidden to sell huge amounts of cannabis to any individual. They can only sell a maximum of one gram, or as prescribed by the physician.

More Thoughts

If you are planning to buy medical marijuana, make sure to do plenty of research about the substance before going to a dispensary or purchasing online. Also, don’t forget to consult a doctor and get a prescription.

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