Dealing With Low Platelet Count

What is it that you know about low platelet count? Do you know how it can affect your body, your overall health? A lot of people haven’t even heard of platelets and they don’t know what platelets are, which can be dangerous. Platelets are one of the three types of blood cells, together with the red cells and the white cells. The role of platelets is to clog the damaged blood vessels in order to stop the bleeding. In case you are dealing with low platelet count, you might experience severe bleeding from cuts and injuries and this can eventually lead to life threatening situations. Low platelet count is a condition that can appear as result of other problems taking place in your body. It can be caused, for example, by blood cancer such as lymphoma or leukemia, it can also be caused by viruses and bacteria in your body, autoimmune diseases such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis and it also appears in 5% of pregnant women.


If you are pregnant and have been diagnosed with low platelet count, you should read what to do about a low platelet count during pregnancy. The problem is that when the time of the birth comes, you might experience severe bleeding which, of course, can lead to a life threatening situation. Low platelet count during pregnancy will come with its normal symptoms: excessive bruising, easy bruising, digestive problems, prolonged bleeding from cuts and fatigue. Since you are already pregnant, fatigue is a problem and when it is accentuated by the low platelet count, it is even worse. In a normal situation, a doctor would first establish the cause behind the low platelet count and after this is done, if the cause behind it is not very serious, a combination of healthy diet that contains as many fruits and vegetables as possible, together with quality sleep and some exercises; however, you are in a delicate state, so the best thing you can do both for yourself and for the baby is to schedule an appointment with your doctor as fast as possible. You will probably have to run some tests and depending on how low your platelet count is, you might even be admitted to hospital for close medical attention. Low platelet count is not a very serious condition but given the fact that there is something more added to your situation, in this case, the pregnancy, it is best to prevent any problem that might appear. I know that any health problem during the pregnancy months is worrying and seems to be life threatening for you but don’t take things so serious; keep in mind that your doctor has surely had numerous situations like this before you and surely knows what to do to help you, keep you safe and keep the baby safe as well. As long as you get the right medical help, nothing too serious can happen to you or the baby. Just make sure that you get the right helping hand!