Easy Makeup Tips on How to Apply Foundation on Textured Skin

Foundation application is crucial to makeup as it gives even and uniform skin tone covers imperfections and changes one’s natural skin tone.

Having a textured skin is one of many girls’ beauty problems; it could be a result of excess dead skin that had build-up on the skin’s surface. More than that, these areas may feel bumpy and rough to touch and can make your skin look dull. Unlike having large pores and permanent scars on the face, textured skin can be treated over time through various healthy skincare methods.

In case you still need to get rid of the textured skin, even for the day, here are some easy makeup tips on how to apply foundation on a textured skin:

Tip #1: Start your makeup routine with skin preparation

Before applying foundation and other cosmetics, make sure to start your makeup routine with skin prep. Facial skin prep includes:

  • Washing the face with a dermatologically tested cleanser.
  • Apply serum; regular application of serum under makeup will keep your skin from aging, which is usually caused by various chemical components from makeup. Additionally, serums are scientifically formulated to make your skin texture smoother, firmer, and can make your pores look smaller.
  • After a few minutes of serum application, do not forget to apply a moisturizer; the latter serves as a barrier against harmful contents of makeup.

Tip #2: Apply primer

Your makeup base should consist of serum, moisturizer, and a primer. Primer does a huge job in creating a smooth canvas for the makeup; plus, it helps minimize the size of the pores by “filling-in” the spaces.

Tip #3: Use the right foundation

There is a huge scale of foundations today; if you are going to use one, make sure that it matches your skin type. Preferably, choose the best foundation for textured skin. Here are a few tips in choosing a foundation for textured skin:

  • Avoid matte-formulated foundations. Since the aim is to cover the textured skin, you have to choose a foundation that won’t worsen the appearance of your skin; and most of the time, matte-formulated foundations are not the ideal kind of foundation for you.
  • Shop for a foundation that is pore-refining and smoothening.

Tip #4: Apply foundation the right way

Brushing the foundation on the skin is one of the common mistakes in foundation application; instead of hiding the unevenness of the skin texture, the flaws become obvious. So, when applying foundation, make sure to press it on the face or buff it in a circular motion; this technique lets the foundation cover up pores efficiently, as it reduces the appearance of the textured skin.

Tip #5: Do not overdo your foundation

This is the 21st century; you no longer need to put too much foundation on the face to be called beautiful.

If you want to look beautiful in the most natural way and to avoid drawing attention, avoid applying too much foundation. Instead of applying too much foundation to cover up stubborn flaws, try to use concealer.

Applying foundation on textured skin is easy, as long as you do it the right way and you are not overdoing it.