How to remove soft spikes from golf shoes

Having comfortable shoes is part of what makes one a proud golfer. One of the things that golfers have to do frequently is changing or removing the soft spikes from their golf shoes. This is because the spikes usually wear out after some time. Not all of the spikes get worn out at the same time, meaning you can sometimes need to remove just a few of them. It is not anything complicated to do this one your own. Here are the steps you should put in place come out successful:

Step 1: Prepare a work surface

You got to prepare the place you want to work on. Your golf shoes are essential to you, and so you do not need to work on it on a surface that would otherwise create other problems. Therefore, place a dry towel on the surface you intend to work on. After this, set the golf shoe on the surface with the spikes facing upwards. This helps you to concentrate on the spike.

Step 2: Spray the spike

Spraying the spike with penetrating oil helps you to loosen the spikes. Therefore, spray the spikes which you intend to remove. As you do this, ensure that you do not spray too much oil on the shoes because it will add you more responsibilities in cleaning the shoe after that. Additionally, too much oil may limit you when now you want to hold the spikes to remove them.

Step 3: loosen the spikes

At this step, you need to grip the spike using a set of pliers. Once you are sure that you have grasped the spike, you need to wretch it in both anticlockwise and clockwise direction. You got to do this severally until you are sure that the spike has been loosened.

Step 4: drill a hole on the spike

The clockwise and anticlockwise direction may not have loosened the spike. Well, it all depends on how strong the spike was. If it did not loose, then you can take this step. However, if the spike got loosened entirely in the previous step, then you can skip this step. At this step, however, you need to drill a hole in the middle of the spike. You should be keen at this step lest you destroy the golf shoe by drilling the hole to the bottom sole. It is to loosen the spike further and so do not use much energy.

Step 5: remove the spike

This is the last step. At this point, the spike, by all means, will be very loose. You can now insert a pair of pliers o the needle nose side into the hole which you had drilled earlier. This is very simple. The needle nose will grip the spike then you can comfortably remove it. Depending on the number of spikes you intend to remove from your golf shoes, you can repeat this procedure for all the spikes. It is advisable to do it one by one so that you do not end up destroying your golf shoes.