How to Wear Your Pants the Right Way?

Your pants are one of the most important clothing in your closet. It’s either you have a love-hate relationship with it but you don’t have a choice because you certainly need one. You might even have a favorite pair of pants that you wear several times a week.

The right way in wearing pants can be confusing because of the myriad of options that say that they have the “right pants.”

Do you want to maintain that awesome style?

Check out these tips in wearing your pants the right way:

1. Loose-fitting pants are in

Don’t get that phrase wrong. We know that slim pants are the trend today but that doesn’t mean that loose-fitting pants are not for you. In fact, you can use them whenever you feel like you need a rest from those slim-cut trousers.

Did you know that this type of pants has an easy-going feel? It can work best with several fabrics like corduroy, tweed, and flannel. You can even pair it with a white sneaker.

Wider-leg pants can improve your outfit from rigid to more relax.

Do you want to know the secret? Well, the key to making it look even better is giving the impression that you’re wearing it on purpose.

2. Tailor your pants up to your ankle only

We understand that pants up to your ankle are trendy. However, you have to stop there!

It’s perfectly alright to show your ankle – it’s like a cleavage in your feet.

With that said, you should only keep it right on top of your ankle. Never go beyond that. We repeat, NEVER GO BEYOND!

You would want to look fashionable and not like you’ll be wading in a puddle.

If it’s not that cold outside, you can go sockless for a more awesome look!

3. Go for a flat front, not on pleated ones

Pleated pants are like “dad pants”. You probably understand the concept.

Those types of plants can make a big gentleman bigger. But if you’re quite on the small side, it will even emphasize how thin you are.

Pleated trousers can also make your hips look bulky which is definitely unattractive.

However, if you have a larger size, it’s alright to have a few pleats to give you extra space to boost your comfort level.

If possible, you should go with a flat front – this kind is the formal-wear staple for every fashionable gentleman. Although you have to ensure to find a perfect fit to make it look the part!

4. Don’t wear embroidered jeans

This design might look good in women but it’s exactly the opposite in men. Aside from its unsophisticated, there’s no good reason for you to wear jeans with embroidery.

Are you planning to wear fashionable pants? Well, you can choose from dress pants and men’s slacks. See the difference of these two pants here.