Making It Easy To Breath At Home

Making It Easy To Breath At Home

If you are having trouble breathing at home, or you notice heaviness in the air that causes light headedness, headaches, upset stomach or just the overall feeling of unwell, the problem may be due to the air quality in your house.

There are many things that can cause these symptoms and among the top are dry air, moist air and ventless fireplaces. All of these can cause the same symptoms, so you should test one by one to determine what is causing your symptoms.

How to Determine Which One is Causing Your Symptoms

The main culprit for these symptoms is a ventless gas fireplace. Many people do not realize that with no vent, there is on where for the burned gas residue to go. This means that the gas residue, along with carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, burnt paint remnants, and other toxic materials are being released into the air you breathe.

Most ventless fireplaces have a built in carbon monoxide detector, but being so close to the heat source, these can malfunction easily. It is important to install a secondary carbon monoxide detector near the ventless fire place to ensure that the levels of carbon monoxide do not reach a dangerous level.

Moist Air

If you have moist air, it will be extremely noticeable. You can see it build up on the inside of your windows on a normal day. Your skin will feel sticky when you are not sweating and you will notice moisture on your floor in random locations.

To solve the problem of moist air, you can install a whole house dehumidifier. This allows one unit to control the entire home. The advantage is that you can choose the humidity level to ensure your family’s comfort. You can also increase it or decrease it depending on the season.

Dry Air

Dry air can be an extremely pesky problem. Especially if your air is chronically dry. The best approach to solving this problem is to install a humidifier in your home. Just like the dehumidifier, you can easily chance the amount of humidity in your home to ensure that your family is comfortable and safe.

Understanding Product Limitations

All products have limitations; they cannot solve every problem that you run into. For example, if you have installed a whole house dehumidifier, and you are still experiencing moist or damp floors, you may need to have them recovered. Many times, this problem can be solved by pouring concrete and sealing it properly. You can then paint the cement or you can lay laminate, tile or wood on top of the concrete.

Make sure that you do not skip the stage of sealing the concrete. Failing to seal the new concrete can cause the water to work its way up into the floor and destroy whatever flooring you have decided to put in the problematic rooms.

Another possibility is to have a contractor determine if there are any leaks in your foundation that could be causing water to seep in and deposit on your floor.

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