Pretty and Unlawful

Pretty and Unlawful

Estheticians have rules and regulations just as any other profession does. If you have a career in this field, you will need to have proper licensing and permits. You will need to contact your provincial and federal government agencies.

Securing Proper Licensing

Each local government issues its own licenses for businesses. Consult with officials in your local area to determine which local regulations affect your business. Your esthetician business will need to meet any zoning laws for your area.

Some examples of regulations, permits and licenses that apply to estheticians include:

  • Building permits
  • Vendor permits
  • Municipal business licenses
  • Sales tax regulations
  • Fire safety regulations or standards
  • Health requirements and regulations
  • Zoning by-laws

Further information about regulations, licenses and permits may be obtained by contacting the local province.

Exemption for Temporary Permit with Supervision

If you have attained a score of 90% or better on your province’s esthetician practical examination, and you are unable to secure a position under the supervision of a journeyperson, not all is lost. You are eligible to apply for a temporary permit to work, and begin accumulating practical experience in the esthetician trade. If you wish to obtain a temporary work permit for the area, the state apprenticeship licensing body approves individual applications.

Estheticians: Required Experience

To become an esthetician, you may need two years of specialized training, including over 1,000 hours of technical training.

If you already have experience in the esthetician business, you may obtain a certificate for journeypersons, based on the years of industry experience you have that are provable. You will need to complete the certification examination. Only trade specific work is applicable. If you have experience in a trade with less readiness, you may need proper upgrading.

Will You Get a Certificate?

After you have completed a practical exam, and have the number of hours that is required for your practical experience, you may take an exam and score 70% or better to become certified and qualified. Once you are licensed and experienced, you can look forward to a salary between $28,000 and $51,000 per year. Your will renew your practice authorization every two years.

Sometimes, estheticians, like workers in any other trade group, run into problems with the law. An esthetician in West Hollywood was arrested in a plot that involved murder for hire.

The police in the area were actually working on a cyber-stalking investigation, when they obtained separate information regarding solicitation for murder. That investigation was ongoing, after the esthetician allegedly contacted a man to perform a murder for her. The motive was a business dispute with a competing esthetician.

The target of the alleged hit also owned an esthetics salon, and she hopes that the process will be resolved in a rapid manner. She did not even know the other esthetician who allegedly put out a contract on her. It was due to the competition between the two businesses.

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