Setting-Up the Aquarium for Beginners: Reasons Why Your Aquarium needs Filter

One of the important accessories that every aquarium should have is an aquarium filter. The purpose of this accessory is to remove the excess food, any unwanted free-floating particles, organic matter that is decaying, preventing the formation of dangerous chemicals inside the aquarium, and the fishes’ waste products.


Why do you need a filter if you can clean up your aquarium regularly?

Same with oxygen, the purpose of the filter is essential to the fishes’ life inside the aquarium. Although cleaning the aquarium is a big help, daily cleaning is not necessary, unless there are some unwanted dirt or dead fish floating inside the aquarium.
Through filtration, you are able to clean up the aquarium, even to the tiniest particles. There are three types of filters; the mechanical, biological, and the chemical.

  •    Mechanical filtrationcan remove water debris from food, waste, and other particulates found in the water. Through the mechanical filtration’s media, it traps the waste, making your aquarium cleaner. However, you need to clean the media to remove the debris and waste, regularly.
  •    Biological filtrationuses bacteria and other microorganisms to convert the fishes’ waste (ammonia) into non-toxic substances (Nitrate). Although the nitrate is less harmless, it is found that it can also cause eye, kidney, and liver problem to the fish, which is why cleaning regularly is still advisable.
  •    Chemical filtrationinvolves carbon or other chemical substances that help remove the toxins out from the water that neither the mechanical nor biological filtration can remove.

So, why do you need an aquarium filter?

  1.    Generally, it eases your cleaning routines. You do not need to clean the entire aquarium every day to make a healthy environment for the fishes.
    2.    It can remove debris and harmful toxins without doing so much effort.
    3.    It provides better oxygen for the fishes to breathe.
    4.    It promotes better water temperature.
    5.    Best for salt water and fresh water aquariums;

Aquarium filters have two types, the internal and the external filters; internal filters are placed inside the aquarium and used to filter toxic waste from saltwater fishes. The external filters, on the other hand, are placed outside the aquarium and are used for freshwater aquariums.

  1.    Having a filtered system provides better aquarium care, keeping a healthy and happy fish.
    7.    It reduces fish death significantly.
    8.    It helps the fish to feel less stressed due to the healthy flora inside the aquarium.

Aquarium filtration has a huge help to the fish and the fish owners. Even if you read open forums, reviews, and articles, you will understand how efficient adding a filter system to your aquarium; all you need to do is read about how to choose a good aquarium filter.

However, you should also remember that with filtration, it is used with responsibility because too much use of aquarium filtration can cause stress on fish and even fish death. So, be responsible in using aquarium filters and do not forget that regular cleaning can make the fish healthy and happy.