Monday, January 17, 2022

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Picture Perfect Clouds

Cloud storage seems to be the hottest trend in storage today, and there are so many digital items that users love to store. This is not only confidential or private information – there are baby videos, photos that show the progression of a family, even your grandparents’ weddings and other photos that have survived the tests time and nature. How does one back these up, let alone an entire hard drive? With your photos and movies, there are several online options to choose from. First, we have Flickr, which is a popular site with free membership where account holders share…

Free – But is it Secure?

Cloud storage is a popular topic for many people, both commercial and private, and even financial institutions are looking towards solutions as a way to reduce costs while increasing the reliability of confidential and critical information. But, as with all great opportunities, there is risk involved. There are many services offering free storage space, but the question remains: are they secure from prying eyes, even their own? The first issue with free cloud space is the user will never be sure what level of security a provider is using to secure the user’s data. Also, it should be noted that…

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