Technician or Engineering – Take Your Pick

Technician or Engineering – Take Your Pick

Choosing a career can be tough no matter what your interests are. But what if your interests lie with two great high paying careers that have a very high tuition? It makes the choice more difficult doesn’t it? The good thing is there are many resources online that you can use to find out more about the many different career choices that are available to you. Knowing more about the colleges and universities as well as about salary and details regarding the job. I have come up with a few options for you below loaded with lots of information to help you decide.

An electrocardiograph (EKG) technician is an expert in equipment that will measure the heart activity of a patient with the purpose to treat and diagnose diseases and issues of the heart. The proper use of these machines is crucial to accurate diagnoses. An EKG technician must also study a patient’s medical history to also assist in proper diagnosis as well as following the doctor’s orders. There are many steps you must take in order to become an EKG technician. You must first start out by obtaining your high school diploma.

Some community offer programs that are only one semester while others offer two year Associate Degree opportunities. Once you obtain one of these degrees or diplomas, you must then become a certified EKG Technician. You can obtain certification through National Health Career Association and the American Certification Agency for Health Care Providers. Testing is free and can sometimes be administered online for student convenience. To be best prepared for the exam it is highly recommended that you obtain your Associate’s Degree before taking it. While there are some accelerated programs available they will fully prepare you for the required externship or the exam itself. You can come out of college making about $28,000 a year and can make upwards of $80,000 a year later down the road.

A biomedical engineer combines different designs and engineering schools with biological and medical sciences to assist in health care treatments. The field requires an extensive amount of education and experience. Some of the best schools in the nation offer biomedical engineering as an option in coursework. John Hopkins University is the number one biomedical engineering school in the United States. They currently offer a Bachelor’s Degree program in biomedical engineering. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers both a Bachelor’s degree program as well as a Master’s program. Stanford and Duke Universities both offer PhD programs but you must complete the Master’s degree program before applying for PhD coursework.

These are both great career choices for students who love science and get a thrill out of intense school work. This takes a lot of effort and passion, but with the right student combined with the right program you are destined to succeed.

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