The Challenges Of Being Nature Friendly

The Challenges Of Being Nature Friendly

Monkey hanging on a tree.

Zoologists study the world of animals and their habitats. Primarily biologists, they study animals at times in their natural habitats. Although it is an interesting and rewarding career, they may face challenges and dangers as part of their day to day work.

Working with animals, especially wild ones can be very difficult. Animals can be unpredictable and react in ways which have not been anticipated by the zoologist. There have been many cases of zoologists being attacked by animals or receiving life-threatening bites or stings due to their close proximity to dangerous creatures.

Zoologists often work in extreme environments and there may not always be medical attention to hand, due to the remote spots they sometimes find themselves in. the danger comes not only from the animals they study but also the harsh environments they may find themselves working in. Due to the close proximity that zoologists often work in to exotic animals there is also the possibility of picking up a rare and exotic disease.

Examples of people that have been harmed in the line of their work include Darwin who possibly contracted Chagas disease after being bitten by the Triatoma kissing bug whilst visiting Chile in 1835. Steve Irwin, a wildlife presenter died in 2006 whilst filming a documentary suffered a fatal attack from a sting ray fish. Even though Irwin was very knowledgeable about the dangers of these creatures the stingray, which are normally calm attacked without provocation.

To become a zoologist you will need to undertake a 4 year bachelor degree in zoology. Some zoologists also undertake veterinarian studies also. Many zoologists specialise further and courses are available at masters and doctorate level. Jobs exist in sectors such as animal conservation and food safety inspection and quite often zoologists are employed by the government. Studies have a strong scientific strand, especially biology and zoologists may choose to study one particular species so that they become an expert in that area. They may end up working in research, education, disease control or in an animal breeding capacity.

Expected salary for a zoologist is in the region of $58,000 per year. Salary often reflects experience, expertise and location.

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