The New Hoodie That Allows You To Wear Headphones Over It

The New Hoodie That Allows You To Wear Headphones Over It

You have to love the cleverness of marketing; I’ve been wearing a cool hoodie for years but when I started wearing them they were just called a zipped sweatshirt with a hood. I’m sure at this point everyone knows what a hoodie is; with teenagers wearing them everywhere it’s hard not to. But I was completely unaware of the issue that exists with those who want to listen to music while their hood is up. I think it’s mainly because I don’t like to walk around without being able to hear what is going on around me hence, I don’t listen to music while walking.

For the many who do however, their hoodie problems are over. An audio engineer in San Francisco has created a “professional grade, acoustically transparent” hoodie that will allow sound to pass through without interference. This is due to the fabric used in panels on the sides of the hood, which are made from the same type of cloth that are used on speakers. The porous material will allow sound to pass through much the same way it does through a pair of speakers. It is an attractive, black hoodie which will allow a professional to transition from the studio to a meeting to the stage. It is not too fitted or too baggy, and includes a pass-through for headphones in the pockets.

This new garment is just one small example of what a person with a degree in music can do.  An audio engineer will mix and manipulate sound for a variety of uses such as radio, TV, film and computer games. The title also applies to one who develops new technologies to be used in the field of music, such as the hoodie loving audio engineer in San Francisco.

An education in music can take a person in directions they may have never considered before. For example, someone who is interested in the film industry could parlay their music degree into a career involving film scoring. Everything from a film composer who conducts orchestras, a film arranger who works with the film producer to determine the arrangements of music for a film, a programmer who will often use computers to create tracks for a film, or a music supervisor who acts as a scout to find songs for a film soundtrack.

Some people will find that they enjoy working with artistic types, using their degree in music to become a manager for an artist or a talent agent, who spends their days booking their musical groups in concert venues. It’s good to have an interest in finance with a position such as this since the “talent” will be counting on their agent to negotiate the best possible deal for them.

A degree in music can be used in a wide variety of ways; it all depends on what a person perceives is their secondary interest. For example, one who has also studied the law could become an entertainment attorney. It’s all a matter of finding what drives you towards success and fulfillment.

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