Tire Inflator – Is it Really Useful?

Imagine yourself in this scenario: you’re traveling along the byways to the family campsite, happily singing at the top of your lungs. You’ve got a full tank, so you’re not worried that gasoline stations in the area are few and far between. However, you didn’t anticipate a problem brewing while you’re in transit.

Suddenly, you feel something weird with the way the vehicle is moving on the road. It’s like one side is favoring the other, and you finally get an inkling of what the problem may be. It’s one of your tires, which, obviously, is losing pressure. Since there are no gasoline stations nearby, you fear you only have one of two options – call for help or get stranded on the road. There is no point continuing with your drive in hopes of reaching a gasoline station before the tire blows out entirely because your family is with you, and the last thing you want is to put their lives at risk.

Indeed, a tire blowout can lead to an accident. Moreover, that’s not the only thing that can happen if you travel with under-inflated tires. Under-inflated tires can significantly decrease your car’s gas mileage, as well as the life expectancy of your tires.

It’s a good thing it’s just a scenario that you’re envisioning, and you’re not actually living the scene. There’s still time for you to make necessary adjustments before you and your family go on a road trip.

It’s for situations like these that a tire inflator becomes handy. A tire inflator, as the name suggests, is a device you use to inflate your car’s tire/s. The device isn’t too big, so you can easily store it in the trunk. Most such devices are computerized, so it’s not difficult to read the gauge and determine whether the tire is fully inflated or not. In addition, you can inflate the tire/s in just a few minutes and go on with your road trip as if nothing happened. Another great thing is that a tire inflator works even on a punctured tire, although you’ll do well to find the nearest gasoline station and have their resident mechanic check the tire to determine if it needs to be replaced or fixed.

There are different models of tire inflators available in the market, and undeniably, most of these perform quite well. If you’re unsure as to what you should get, this helpful resource can guide you and help you make the right decision. That website reviews different models of tire inflators, laying out the pros and cons of each one to make deciding easier on you.

Nevertheless, perhaps the best model to get for yourself is one with a digital output so you can gauge the air pressure easily. Some such models are even equipped with a jump starter, which can come in handy in case you experience battery problems.

Indeed, a tire inflator is very useful especially if you plan to go on a long road trip where gasoline stations will be scarce. It will take a huge burden off your shoulders and guarantee a worry-less trip for you and your family.