To Play Or Not To Play!

To Play Or Not To Play!

When it comes to college, it is no secret that it is very costly. Athletes can work to offset the costs by earning a college scholarship for their athletic ability. However, this comes with great responsibility because balancing academics and athletics is a very difficult task.

Academic Challenges Faced by Athletes

Inspirational sports require athletes that excel and inspire. However, when an athlete is playing in college, there are some academic challenges that she may face behind the scenes. Athletes have to find a way to fit it all in, but there are rarely enough hours in the day. College sports require hours of practice each day, there are away games that require travel and athletes must find a way to do all of this around a rigorous class, homework and studying schedule.

The NCAA sets forth strict academic performance standards and if athletes expect to be part of the program, they must meet these standards. This is not easy because athletes have a strict practice and game schedule, they have to take the time to work out and build their fitness and they have to study and attend classes. Most college athletes are taking full course loads, making the demands even greater. Poor grades, risk of losing their scholarships, significant lack of sleep and the stress of balancing it all are things every student athlete faces.

Best Female Athletes in the World

Some of the best female athletes in the world conquered the rigors of tackling an academic career and an athletic career at the same time. These very strong women prove that if you truly want to accomplish something, you can find the time and the drive to do it. It takes an immense amount of work, as they have proven time and time again, but the potential for greatness is possible.

It is arguable who the best female athlete in the world is because this is highly subject to opinion. However, there are some women who have achieved a level of greatness that no one else has. Some of the best female athletes in the world include:

a)      Lottie Dod: The UK athlete is the world’s youngest woman to win at the Wimbledon Ladies’ Singles Championship.

b)      Babe Didrickson Zaharias: This USA athlete is the only women to ever play in a regular PGA Tour event.

c)      Martina Navratilova: The Czech Republic athlete has the best tennis winning history in the world.

d)     Larissa Latynina: This Soviet Union gymnast has nine gold Olympic medals and a total of 18 medals.

Athletes embody perseverance and dedication, and they must because they not only excel in sports, but they must also excel in other areas of life. Female athletes have unique challenges and the ones who have achieved greatness did so by breaking down many walls throughout the world. These women are bringing female athletes to the forefront and they are proving that the girls can play just as hard as the boys.

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