Top 6 Messenger Bags for Only 100$ and Below

A good quality messenger bag with great style and is still affordable can be hard to find. There are different brands and bags in the malls which people can choose from. What is frustrating is when a purchaser could not afford to get one.


Tips on how to choose a messenger bag will be discussed here: Top 10 messenger bags with excellent quality, design, and affordability whether it is used for work or any kind of occasion will also be included.

What to look for in a messenger bag?

There is a short checklist when it comes to choosing a messenger bag. This will help in evaluating whether the bag is the right messenger bag for the user.

1. Up to date and classy look

It is important to make sure that the purchased messenger one will be investing in looks classy and up to date, a bag that doesn’t look cheap and out-dated. Aside from its style and such, it is also important to keep in mind its versatility in order for it to fit in different fashion trends and still looks professional.

2. Excellent Quality and Details

For inexpensive bag, it doesn’t mean that one should compromise its quality and style. There are messenger bags in the market that does not only provide good quality and style but also affordable.

3. Durability

The most important thing that needs to be considered in buying a messenger bag is to make sure that it can carry the intended things to be carried. This includes pockets where one can secure important things such as laptop and important files.

Top 6 Quality Messenger Bags

On this section, 6 quality messenger bags that costs 100$ and below will be reviewed.

1. Kenneth Cole Reaction “Come Bag Soon” Messenger.For those who are looking for a bag with minimalist design, the Kenneth Cole Messenger is the right pick. Although it has fewer designs, it is still guaranteed that its style looks classy with padded and secure pocket for the laptop.

2. Kattee “Crazy Horse” Briefcase.This bag has a masculine style with its leather exterior with adjustable straps. This Briefcase is made by quality cow leather that has two main sections that comes with a zipper closure. The inside of the bag consists of wallet holder, a cross pocket as well as pen and card pockets.

3. Herschel Supply Co. Sandford Messenger Bag.This is usually used as a casual bag with padded compartments and sleek style which can be used every day.

4. Kenneth Cole “Risky Business” Messenger.This is best for those who often attend business meetings. This bag is has pockets that will secure important files and is capable in holding heavy and bigger items.

5. Visconti Distressed Messenger Bag.This is good for those who are looking for a simple bag. It comes with a flap cover that has two magnet snaps to close it and secure the inside of the bag. It also has a zipped pocket and open folder under flap complete with rear zipped pocket on the outside as well as penholders in the inside.

6. Manhattan Portage New York Messenger.This bag can be used for those who are often at the gym because of its size and its capacity.