Tripp Advice: Is the Program Really Worth It?

It’s no secret that there is no perfect formula that teaches the specific steps that one has to take in order to successfully enter a relationship. Because of this, many people have tried to come up with different formulae that are always advertised to be the ‘perfect’ recipe. While some are nothing more than guidelines using generic tips, others are simply more comedic than actually educational.

Date & Simple, a website that helps other people enter and manage relationships. Aiming to keep the process of dating simple, Date & Simple’s review on a particular dating program, named Tripp Advice, is a thorough scrutiny. If you’re a guy and pretty much willing to invest in almost any dating program just to score with a girl, it’s recommended you read first the review before considering paying for this.

What’s Tripp Advice all about?

Tripp Advice aims to be an organized program on different tips and strategies on how to get into a relationship with women. Created by Tripp, who is surprisingly not expressly identified in any of the 8 different modules, Tripp Advice boasts the inclusion of an extensive series of interviews with a diverse group of ladies; all giving different answers to questions on what women want in a relationship. Such approach, dubbed “What Women Want”, is a promising feature of the program; although there is no way one can verify the identities of the ladies being interviewed which are shown as any of the typical dream girl that the average guy would want.

The video series Infield Breakdown is perhaps the best part of the program. In the segment, the guidelines and advices given across the program are given practical application. For example, the primary guy doing the demonstrations, who is unfortunately not Tripp, is applying the principles that the program is laying down. Talking to different women in public places, especially in the market, makes the Tripp Advice a really promising program; being applied, and working, in realistic settings is anything an advice program can really hope for.

Is there a catch?

Normally, the best way to attract potential subscribers is to have a great introduction. At a price of at least $40, the Tripp Advice may be really worth it if it were not for the availability of all eight modules. Date & Simple’s Vittorio had given the program a try, yet had only been given access to four modules at the full price. Unless Tripp releases the rest of the modules to the paying subscribers, this smells like a fraud in play. Also, there is a guy that narrates throughout the video modules, but there’s no telling that it’s Tripp since there is no express introduction of the narrator.

This leads to Tripp’s coaching ability; the lack of connection with the audience, and the overall quality of the content which is admittedly a generic collection of ideas which looked like it was slapped together, are easily the downfall of the program.


While the Tripp Advice is not entirely bad, in the sense that What Women Want and Infield Breakdown are great features, the program lacks the depth that a guide wanting to seize the title as the best dating guide should be having. Nevertheless, the best advices you should get for your next date are the true, tried, and tested ones; after all, since there is no perfect strategy in dating, everything can go one way or another. But the Tripp Advice will not.