Types Of Mountain Bikes Explained

There are many people looking for a bike that they can use to make it onto the trails and hills that are near their homes. They could be on the lookout for something that will give them the most options possible, and they are trying to get on a bike that can take them where they want to go. The only way for people to pick out the right sort of bike is to try the different styles that are out there. a few styles are listed below, and you could try any of them if you are ready to get back on the trail and ride through the hills.


Mountain bikes have many gears, but they are made with heavier frames so that they can withstand the punishment of being on the trail. You could ride these through the hills and on trails, and they will stand the test of time because they usually need to be run over hard rocks and tree roots.


Dirt jump bikes are lighter bikes that are meant for jumping instead of running on heavier trails. Someone who is trying to find a bike that will be easier to ride will use the dirt jump bike because it has fewer gears and less weight. You might try these bikes because they are a little smaller, and you will notice that they can be used in just about any forum you want. Someone who is trying to learn to ride might try one of these bikes because it is still strong enough for trail riding, but you would not want to use it on a trail every day.

Endurance/Cross Country

Endurance bikes are those that have several gears so that you can make the best choices for yourself. You will find that you can ride for hours on something like this, and the bike was made as light as possible so that it will work well on road courses. You can do a lot of flat and long distance riding on one of these bikes, and you will stall have the chance to move onto the trail if you want. However, you must remember that these bikes are generally made for long distance trips with very few obstacles.


Freeride bikes have a bit of everything in them. They are not that heavy, but they still have a bit of rigidity to them so that you can ride them safely on big trails. The free ride bike could be used for jumping, or it could be used when you want to get off the road and onto the trail. There is nothing more versatile than this bike, and you can ride it anywhere.


You can get any mountain bike you want, but you must choose the one that you know will actually serve you the best. These bikes encompass many categories, and you should choose something that is easy to use for your riding habits, riding trails, and riding groups you have joined.