What are the Forms of Bee Propolis?

Honey bees secrete a sticky matter commonly known as bee propolis which they use in concealing holes and gaps on their bee hives. You will find people referring to it as putty because of the kind of work it does for the bees. The bees produce this matter by mixing their beeswax and salivary emissions with the propolis from plant leaves and flower barks.


This components found in the propolis have great health benefits. It is believed that Egyptians used bee propolis to mummify their bodies. You will therefore find bee propolis being processed for purposes of consumption by people. There are many bee propolis products in the market and they all have a varying degree of success. It is important to note that the bee propolis is usually manufactured into three forms and you have to read this first so that you know how to use each one of them correctly and get the maximum benefits. This article will discuss the three bee propolis types and how to use them effectively.


You are going to find that this type is further made into two forms. One type is normally is water based while the second type is Alcohol-based.

It is worth noting that the alcohol-based propolis is normally mixed with alcohol. This type is quite stronger than the water based, but is only 50% concentrated with propolis. You are advised to take this alcohol-based type in a dosage of half a dropper, consumed daily.  Squeeze the product into your mouth using a dropper and directly swallow it.

For the water based type, a lower concentration of propolis, of about 20% is found in the mixture. You will find it necessary to dilute this type using either juice or any consumable liquid, to enhance the taste of the mixture.


These chunks are normally crude and unprocessed slices of bee propolis. The percentage purity of the chunks is at 100%. You can consume this bee propolis by wholly swallowing them. You should however exercise caution when taking them since frequent chewing of the chunks will cause stains on your teeth. You are advised to only take two chunks for each given day.


This is type of propolis normally in powder state and found inside gel caps. Ingestion of capsules is very common a as a method of medication. You should take one to three capsules of 1000 milligrams so that you can realize full benefits for your body out of the product. It is important to note that illnesses like colds can be eliminated if you take 6 capsules each and every day.

The above guidelines are the correct and effective ways through which you can consume the different propolis types you can come across or have at home. You should however consult a professional health practitioner if you want to use the propolis to manage a serious medical condition.  Always keep in mind that, bee propolis are only food supplements and should not be used in place of drugs or medication prescribed by a doctor.