What types of metals set off metal detectors?

Metal detectors are used to check whether there are metals nearby. There are some metals which are dangerous and would not be allowed into some areas. For instance, grenades would not be allowed in highly populated public places especially if it is carried by a non-authorised person. Usually, people who carry such dangerous metals hide them and so this is where the metal detectors come in. however, not all metals can be detected by the metal detector. Therefore, if you are in a place where you are interested in detecting a given metal but there are many other metals in the place, it may be a challenge for you. The metal detectors can easily be set off by the following metals:

1. Weapons and other metal tools

Most weapons and tools are made from different forms of metals. This is what makes them be quickly be picked with the metal detector. In an urban area, using a metal detector may be a bit difficult since people walk around with metals and weapons not necessarily to harm anybody but to for their daily operation. In such an instance, metal detection becomes very difficult especially if you are interested in just detecting one type of metals. The good thing about people who carry the tools genuinely is that they do not hide them. If anything is hidden, then you might have to check it out.

2. Coins

This is another category of metals which can set off your metal detector. Actually, any form of a coin will automatically set off your metal detector. This challenge to metal detectors is, however, losing its ground due to the new technology whereby most people walk around with debit and credit cards to carry out their shopping. However, in every crowd, you will always find people carrying coins. If you move close to them, the metal detector might have to set off hence interfering with your search for a given metal.

3. Wrappers

Wrappers are made from aluminum foil. Anything containing aluminum will always set off a metal detector. Any place full of waste materials may limit your ability to collect metals of your choice. What happens with most metal detectors is that once it detects any metal, it stops working until you reset it again. However, if you are working in a clean space, then chances are high that you will collect the metals which you are looking for with a lot of ease.

4. Accessories and some clothing

Some clothing is fitted with metals. Common examples are the underwire bras, some jewelry, caps, glasses, belts, and headbands. This is a group which can seriously interfere with your metal detection process. Remember that the materials are made from different metals and so however much you set your metal detector, it will always detect some of them. If this happens, you might be forced to restart you metal detector before you continue. As an ideal user of the metal detector, you should avoid such clothing to give you a bit easy time. You cannot control what people wear but you can control what you wear personally.