Why Switch to Elliptical Trainers?

The elliptical trainer also called as cross-trainer is one of the most popular workout equipment created – a stationary exercise machine that simulates walking, running, and climbing. The elliptical trainer is a complete work-out equipment at home. If you are the type of person who is not fond of visiting the gym or waking up early to exercise, investing an elliptical trainer at your home is an excellent choice.


Aside from elliptical trainers, there are several stationary exercise equipment which you can choose from; examples of it are treadmills and stationary bicycle. These exercise machines are quite convenient especially for a person with a constant hectic-schedule. However, among these choices, elliptical trainers are most recommended by professionals, why is it so?

Elliptical Trainer Benefits

This exercise machine offers countless benefits to a person. Here are some of the advantages you can gain from using this equipment.

  1. Burn Calories-The primary idea of using exercise machines is to lose weight by burning calories. The amount of calories you can burn using this equipment depends on your weight and the duration of the exercise. If you weigh around 125 pounds you can burn up to 322 calories for 30 minutes cross trainer workout. On the other hand, for a 150 pounds person, he or she can burn 386 calories for 30 minutes and a person with 175 pounds weight can burn 451 calories in 30 minutes. In a nutshell, the number of calories you can burn using elliptical equipment is similar to running.
  2. Less Impact-Professionals highly recommend elliptical trainers as opposed to other exercise machines since it offers less impact to bones and muscles. Elliptical trainers are designed to avoid causing excessive pressure to the joints and muscles especially to seniors. This exercise machine reduces the risk of ligament tears, osteoporosis, and arthritis. Moreover, elliptical trainers are the best option for individuals with injuries.
  3. Complete Workout-You don’t have to do weights, run, and aerobics alternately to build the body you want. An elliptical trainer is your all-in-one exercise machine. It offers a total body workout without performing other exercises as well. Elliptical trainers are excellent in working out both the upper and lower body at the same time. This equipment has grab handles to allow maximum movement on your arms and shoulders.  The pedals on elliptical trainers move your legs back and forth in a gliding motion. Hence, it can help to build muscles on the shoulders, arms, back, chest, and legs.
  4. Build Endurance-Elliptical trainers are great for developing muscles and boosting endurance. This workout is great for the lungs and heart. It promotes blood circulation and supports in developing your cardiovascular health.

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