Workers Flock To Alberta In Search Of Lucrative Oil Sands Work

Workers Flock To Alberta In Search Of Lucrative Oil Sands Work

If you have never seen the Athabasca oil sand, otherwise known as the Alberta tar sands, located in Alberta, Canada, then I highly advise you check it out! Not only is it a cool sight to see, but it is also one of the largest oil reservoirs in the world! With so much oil located up there, this makes it a top priority for those pursuing work in the oil and petroleum business. Alberta, Canada is quickly becoming the number one spot to go for that line of work.

So what kinds of jobs are needed in the oil sands? Well, surprisingly petroleum engineers are NOT the only ones in demand. Pipe fitters and plumbers are in equal demand as there needs to be the right amount of man power of there. Pipe fitters and plumbers are in charge and creating, managing, and orchestrating the piping that gets installed up there. The work conditions are harsh with so much oil, and the stakes are high, but the pay is fantastic as petroleum is in such high demand.

Jobs are expected to go on the rise as more and more focus is being put towards these oil sands. The operations in Alberta will require up to 58% more jobs. Furthermore, mining jobs are also in demand too and will require up to 45% more jobs. This is not only increasing the field of petroleum and oil, but also it is improving the overall economy in Alberta, Canada. Canada reported roughly 30,000 jobs were lost in April alone to create an unemployment rate of 6.9%, but Alberta itself sports an unemployment rate of under 5%. This can easily be accredited to the work going on in the oil sands. Total employment in the oil sands as well as construction related to the matter is expected to rise up to 35% within the next decade.

If this job sounds like something you might be interested in then I definitely suggest going to school for it. But you can’t just stop there, you must find the right school to go to. The top petroleum schools are good, but I would also suggest possibly going into geology. Anywhere that these petroleum engineers have to dig must be checked and researched; this is where professional geologists come into play. The University of Arizona, located in Phoenix, is easily the best geology school available in the US.

Workers Flock To Alberta In Search Of Lucrative Oil Sands Work Credit Picture License: Rainforest Action Network via photopin cc