A look at some of the best paying work from home jobs


Although the work from home sector is one of the fastest growing job markets in the world, there are some services that are more lucrative and attract better pay than others. Here are some of the most rewarding work from home jobs;

Representation of information on a subject in a fun and easy to understand graphical presentation is called Infographics and the people who do this are called Infographic designers. Well done infographics have a better chance of communicating effectively to the desired audience than written text.

Skilled infographic designers are widely sought after and people who are experienced in providing this service can fetch up to $50 per hour. Freelance infographic designers can advertise their services in websites like upwork.com where they are bound to earn handsomely as long as they provide quality services.

Contract drafters are people who have a good knowledge of a certain industries and are able to draft a contract that is legal without being ambiguous and redundant. These are jobs that can be done by experts from home and are bound to pay the drafters handsomely. The amount of knowledge and experience required to do this job has made it a niche sector that has very few people hence the few that excel in it can enjoy the handsome fruits of their labor while working remotely.

Voiceover freelancers are important artists that are required during the production of advertisements, guides and videos. Although their physical presence might sometimes be required in a studio, most of them record their scripts from home and send their work through electronic means. It is one of the services that has very good returns for people with unique voices and the work can easily be done from home.

By going through businesses books of accounts, data from a specific sales period and analyzing the prevailing trends in the market, a financial consultant or forecaster is able to assist a company in making predictions of a company’s progress within a certain timelines and to set bench marks that are to be attained during that period. As long as the data is provided electronically, such people are able to work from home where there will be less interference and they can earn very good pay.

Pay per click is an online model of advertising whereby freelancers direct the required traffic to a certain website for a fee. People who are effective in doing this kind of work receive a good paycheck since every time a potential customer accesses the company website through a link that is affiliated to the freelancer, some agreed upon amount is paid to the freelancer.

Electronic engineers and programmers are people who are highly skilled and experienced on the functionality of the latest electronic gadgets like phones, iPad and laptops and can develop supporting software’s and operating systems. While people with this kind of skills can be employed by major corporations, they can also develop software’s from home and sell them either directly to the consumers or sell the finished products to the corporations who manufacture these gadgets.