Blender Settings: Smoothie and Puree Setting

The modern blender comes with many settings, but users should remember this device provides them with two specific functions. They are chopping veggies and fruits up and mixing them together. The blender’s settings enable you to choose how you want your ingredients to be finely chopped and mixed.

Nowadays, newer models have blender settings for smoothie making tasks unlike in the past where you had to use the puree setting if you wanted to make smoothies. In this post, we’ll look at all you need to know about these two settings.

Making Smoothies

The first thing you need to when buying a blender is to consider your needs and invest in a quality brand. With time, you’ll realize that the investment will enable you to enjoy longer service and the best smoothies. However, remember that an expensive model may not necessarily provide you with the best service, and it’s the reason why you need to read online reviews before settling on one.

Smoothie Setting

When preparing smoothies, many people will add some ice cubes in most instances. The smoothie setting is made specifically to expect the addition of ice cubes, which means it has the ability to crush ice cubes.

The blender’s motor is set to make sure it runs powerfully in order to crush the ice cubes while at the same time blending and mixing the other ingredients together. The smoothie setting is the perfect choice if you want to mix and prepare an ingredient with hard ice cream. The powerful motor will quickly chop every piece of the hard ice cream before it melts.

Moreover, some blenders come with a separate ice cream setting. Users can find this excellent addition ideal for making ice cream from ice cubes, flavorings and yogurt or from frozen berries.

Puree Setting

The puree setting is the best choice of if you intend to prepare different types of entrees and sauces, soups or related combinations. This setting were created for you to use if you’re blending ingredients such as vegetables and fruits, which are easier and softer to cut for the blender blades and require to be chopped in a way that ensures the final product is perfectly combined and mixed.

The puree setting is also ideal if you want to use the blending device to make juice. The blender will chop and mix the vegetables and fruits perfectly, ensuring you find it easy to separate the pulp and juice from the ingredients.

What to Keep In Mind

The above two settings can be interchanged, but the important thing to remember is the small differences that will make one choice better than the other will. Depending on your preferences, you should find it easier to settle on one them.


Whether it’s a puree or smoothie, your blender can produce both of them. You only have to use your imagination and come up with the best combinations for your family, guests of yourself. One reason why you should consider buying a blender is that it enables you to prepare healthy, fresh and tasty drinks for your loved ones. The best combination will result in you having a healthy body and refreshing moments.