Buyers guide to pressure washers

A Comprehensive Buyers Guide for Pressure Washers

If you are finding it hard to remove car oil stains on your driveway or soot on the grill, then a pressure washer is what you need. A pressure washer will help you to simplify the whole process of removing stubborn stains. It works by releasing powerful and high-pressure water steam that is quite effective in removing stains or dirt. Before you buy this appliance, here are some of the things you need to know.

Know How They Work and Their Potential Risks

A pressure washer can rely on an electric motor or a gas engine to power its pump. The pump works by forcing high-speed water through the nozzles. You can use the released water to remove accumulated dirt or stains on your patios, driveways, and decks. There are some potential risks associated with the use of pressure washers. Your hands may suffer injury when exposed to the high-pressure water coming out of the nozzles. Be sure to observe precautionary measures when using this appliance.

How to Buy Them

When it comes to having a pressure washer at home, you can either buy or rent it. Renting the appliance is quite cheaper when compared to buying it. Renting also allows you to avoid the stress that comes with maintaining the appliance. If you decide to buy a pressure washer, your decision may soon pay off. You will no longer have to stress about renting the appliance every time. You get the convenience of using it at any time of your choosing. Before renting or buying a pressure washer, be sure to weigh the benefits that come with these two options.

Pressure Washer Types

The common pressure washer types include gas-powered and electric-powered pressure washers. It is important to know the differences between these two types before deciding the most ideal one to buy. The good thing about gas-powered ones is that they are capable of delivering high-pressure water. They are ideal for removing tough dispatches such as tree sap or chewing gum that accumulated on a surface. Their downside is that they are a bit noisy and their pumps are prone to overheating when left on for a long time.

The price of gas-powered ones ranges from $250 to $300. You can buy an electric-powered pressure washer to help you clean surfaces of small decks, outdoor furniture or patios. With a price ranging from $100 to $250, this appliance requires little maintenance and is light in weight. Its small size gives you the convenience of easily starting the appliance or storing it in a safe place. Since it delivers low pressure water, it will take you a lot of time to complete a cleaning task. The appliance has plastic nozzles and wands as compared to the metallic ones found in gas-powered pressure washers.

Nozzle Types

Nozzles fitted in pressure washers come in different types. They can either be adjustable or replaceable. In terms of convenience, adjustable nozzles are better than the replaceable ones. They let you change the spray pattern or width by simply twisting them. Replaceable ones on the other hand allow you to use specific spray angles when customizing the spray pattern or width.