Wednesday, December 6, 2023


Blender Settings: Smoothie and Puree Setting

The modern blender comes with many settings, but users should remember this device provides them with two specific functions. They are chopping veggies and fruits up and mixing them together. The blender’s settings enable you to choose how you want your ingredients to be finely chopped and mixed. Nowadays, newer models have blender settings for smoothie making tasks unlike in the past where you had to use the puree setting if you wanted to make smoothies. In this post, we’ll look at all you need to know about these two settings. Making Smoothies The first thing you need to when…

How to power passive speakers without an amp

Passive speakers A passive speaker is one that does not have an internal source of power. These types of speakers draw power from a different component such as an amplifier or video/audio receiver. They do not have internal amplification. When connected to an audio source (like PC), passive speakers cannot produce effective sound. To we explain how to power passive speakers without an amp, there are several factors you need to understand. These will help you set up a simple system at home with a good sound that you can enjoy. Factors to consider when connecting a PC to passive…

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