Wednesday, December 6, 2023

World of Music

The great strides taken in the advancement of music and musical instruments

Music has evolved greatly from the ancient days when the only musical instrument that man could make was when he hit wood against wood. The changes in music and how music is used are as a result of the ever progressive desire of mankind to become better in all that he does. Mankind may have discovered music from simple sounds found in nature. The singing of birds early in the morning, the different calls of wild animals, the different sounds in nature such as the sound of a waterfall, the sound of hoofs beating on hard ground, the sound of…

My first major challenge in shopping was getting a musical instrument ideal for a toddler

Shopping is part of life, you just cannot survive without buying stuff. Nobody, no matter how much they own or how much they produce can be absolutely self-reliant. There is always something that you will have to go out to buy. I grew up in a huge farm and one could say that we had everything that we needed. In the farm, we grew all kinds of food from wheat to all kinds of groceries. We had an orchard that had plentiful fruits all year round thanks to the technology that we used. We also had all kinds of farm…

The MIDI Sprout Allows Your Plants To Play Music

Musical instrument digital interface or MIDI is a technical standard which can allow various devices to communicate with each other to create unique and sometimes complex music arrangements. Originally used only for those who wished electronic instruments to be added to their music, the MIDI is now a standard and used in a wide variety of applications. As early as the 19th century people have used the power of plants as therapy; gardening can be a form of meditation as one picks the weeds, lays new seed and digs through the dirt. When seniors come together and start a garden…

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