Choose Wisely Because Schools Matter!

Choose Wisely Because Schools Matter!

Depending on the career you choose your success is very dependent on the college you choose to attend. Many schools specialize is certain fields so making sure that you have found the right fit for you is absolutely crucial. If you are looking to become a journalist, there are specific journalism schools that specialize in providing the best coursework to prepare you for the workforce. Not every college or university provides zoology as an option as a major, so doing your research is absolutely necessary. No matter what you decide, there are always multiple options for you to choose from.

If writing has always been your passion then journalism might be the right career for you. There are several different types of journalism. You could study broadcast journalism and be a news reporter that travels the world covering breaking stories. Or maybe you want to dig deeper into the news and get into investigative journalism. You also have the ability to combine something else you love with journalism, such as music or fashion.

Some of the top journalism schools are University of Missouri, Northwestern University, and the University of Georgia just to name a few. There are several scholarships that have been made available to journalism majors such Sydney Achievers International Scholarships and Heinrich Boll Scholarships for International students to touch on a few. Most of them apply to international students because many journalists tend to have to travel the world. Lots of options are available for you writers out there. Stick with your passion and find the right school for you!

A zoologist is a professional who studies the manners, foundation, diseases, and life progress of animals and wildlife. They observe animals in the wild and also in a zoo atmosphere. Some zoologists work in a laboratory and perform their research there. With all of our animals disappearing and other wildlife issues at stake, zoologists are needed worldwide to help to prevent and solve these problems.

There are many educational opportunities available for a student who is a zoology major. Ohio State University has an excellent zoology program that allows students to obtain a Bachelor of the Arts or a Bachelor of Science in zoology. The University of Florida offers a Bachelor’s of Science degree. They also offer a Master’s program for students who want to pursue their major further. Zoologists have the potential to make upwards to $40,000 annually and sometimes more depending on what their specialty is. As a zoologist you would have the option to work in the field or in the lab, no matter what you choose it is the perfect job for animal lovers.

No matter what you decide to do try and choose wisely! There are a lot of resources out there for you to use to help you on your way.

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