Floor jack o rings replacement

A floor jack is one of the tools one cannot simply risk driving without. If your car breaks down, it will come in handy if there is a need to check underneath the vehicle. Floor jacks are used to lift heavy objects while using minimal manual input.

Being such an essential item, one has to do the necessary maintenance to avoid helpless situations in case of an emergency. One of the things people rarely take time to learn is what floor jack O rings replacement involves. You may think it’s as easy as removing the old O-ring and fitting in the new ones. There is a little more that goes into the process and we are here to break it down for you.

Step 1: Find a hard workspace and position the floor jack

Considering the weight of a floor jack, you will require a stable and solid surface to begin with. Once you are comfortable with your space of choice, stabilize the floor jack with the set screw facing up. This will allow you to reach the O-ring with ease.

Step 2: Loosen and remove the set screw

Begin to loosen the set screw by turning it in an anti-clockwise direction. When the screw is loose enough, carefully remove it. This will enable you to see the fluid that is supposed to be inside.

Step 3: Drain and replace fluid from the floor jack

At this point, one can opt to put on gloves or clothing that is easily cleaned or disposed of and place a bucket or drain pan nearby. Tilt the floor jack in order to allow the old jack fluid to pour into the bucket. It is very important to replace this with new jack fluid and ascertain that there it is dirt-free. Refill the body of the floor jack with new jack fluid using a funnel or cone. Take note of the level in order to avoid spillage. Do not fill it above the screw thread level.

Step 4: Replace the old O-ring with the new one

If the old O-ring has been completely dilapidated, it may be a bit difficult to find. In this case, you can wipe the indentations with rags and compressed air, to be thorough. In a scenario where the O-ring is still in intact, use a screwdriver to extract the O-ring. Clean the valve stem well and lubricate a new ring with a little fluid. Inch it into the right fit onto the valve stem and finally, you can proceed to place the stem back into the hole, this time, screwing it in a clockwise direction.

Step 5: Check for any leaks

Once you have tightened it well, you can reposition the floor jack back on its wheels. Raise it to its full height using the handle. Release it and firmly press the lifting arm down. Ensure the fluid is working and the O-ring is not leaking as you do this repeatedly.

That is what it takes to replace your floor jack o-rings. All it takes to replace your floor jack o ring is a little patience and adhering to these simple step by step instructions.