How poor lifestyle choices are causing memory loss


Memory loss, is not an illusion, it is real and affects many people across all ages to a large extent. Some cases of memory loss are not caused by aging or related conditions such as Alzheimer but more so from daily lifestyle choices that people make.

For example, many people across the globe are smokers. Some of substances that they smoke include tobacco cigarettes, and marijuana. Smoking is a big threat to the lungs and the throat. However, what many people don’t know is that smoking is also harmful to the brain. It reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain hence reducing the brains functionality.

Several studies have shown that smokers find it difficult to remember little things than non-smokers. Smoking releases a host of harmful chemical substances that harm the brain making it hard to recall things. The smoke reduces the ability of brain cells to regenerate when they die causing a reduction in the number of brain cells.

Alcohol is another threat to human memory. Excessive consumption of alcohol is known to impair memory. Alcohol specifically interferes with the long term memories and also reduces the ability to keep new information in memory for short periods. As the amount of alcohol consumption increases, so is the risk of memory impairments.

Large quantities of alcohol, especially if consumed rapidly, may cause blackouts or even fragmented memories. Black outs are periods of memory loss where an individual cannot remember what transpired during a drinking spree. It is common among social drinkers and it may have profound effects on an individual’s memory in future.

Depression and stress are also common causes of memory loss. Majority of people are faced with normal stress on a daily basis, which is okay. If the condition causing stress persists, it results to depression which has negative effects to the body.

Depression and stress makes it difficult to concentrate and focus which in turn affects the memory. When stress is coupled with anxiety, it may take away focus completely. When an individual suffers tension, the brain gets over stimulated and hence its ability to store memories is hampered. Stress that result from emotional trauma can also results to memory loss.

Unhealthy eating habits are a major cause for memory loss. For proper functioning, the brain requires efficient supply of oxygen, vitamins, proteins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Vitamins in the B group are specifically important as they help in protecting brain cells and the neurons.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a great step towards treating and preventing occurrence of memory loss. Bad habits like smoking, beige eating or excessive consumption of alcohol should be avoided.

Supplementation of foods with vitamins good for memory loss and focus is another way of ensuring that brain cells are supplied with the essential nutrients for proper functioning.

Exercises also form a good way of preventing memory loss. During workouts, the heart pumps harder thereby supplying oxygen and nutrients to the brain cells. Intensive exercises can be easily performed at home using fitness appliances such as the home rowing machine for a properly functioning and healthy body.