How to make a bean bag chair without sewing

In the house, bean bag chairs can be fun as you find yourself warm and more relaxed in them. They do not only have a great matching effect to the decor in your room since you are likely to go for the color that best fits that of the room, but also lines comfortably with the shape of your body, avoiding minor injuries on your back. Whichever the fabric used, the prices of the business-manufactured bean bag chairs may be higher than when you make your own bags, you save some money.

Do not worry if you do not have a sewing machine as you may not need one after all. Simply follow the steps below and learn how to make a bean bag chair without sewing.


  • Scissors
  • Medium-to-heavy mass fabric: six yards, one that does not wear out easily
  • Tape measure
  • Bean bag filling or poly filling
  • Sewing needle


  1. Preparing the fabric –  Fold up the fabric half-way with the preferred pattern on the inside then line up the material. You then cut out the fabric at its longer side at preferably one-inch gaps. Make sure that the depth of the cut is precisely two and a half inches. Do not forget to hold the fabric jointly so as to settle in a single line thereafter, attach every piece as one using a double knot then cut each piece.
  2. Cutting the fabric pieces – In two pieces, cut the material 51 by 38 inches while facing one another inwardly. Use scissors to cut the 2 long sides remaining on the fabric at one-inch gaps then maintain the depth of the cut at two and a half inches, again hold each piece of fabric together using a double knot while cutting every piece. Leave one side uncut and also untied.
  3. Stitching the well-cut materials – With the sides tangled together, make the material inside-out then fold over the fabric into half horizontally so as the knotted line of stitching line-up and the free end stay in line. Now cut the rounded corner up to the middle seams right from the corner where the free side meets the side that is tied together. One of the sides of the free edging is supposed to be rounded as the other one is straight when is cover is held up, then cut the fabric left behind each at one-inch intervals. The depth of the cut ought to be two and a half inches always. Hold and tie every fabric then cut them using a double knot, as you create an eight-inch space in the middle of the free fabric for filling.
  4. Final touches on the yet-to-be bean chair bag – Turn the cover with the right side on the outside and fill it with your poly filling. The bean bag chair should look like a wedge, the shorter edge being at the top (where you sit on) whereas the longer and curved part being the bottom of the chair.
  5. Filling the bean chair bag – After you have positioned all the filling into the bean bag chair, cover it then close up the final eight inches of the binds using double knots. Make it stay on the outside to allow you to insert filling afterward if needed.

If you may need a larger bean bag chair, simply use a bigger portion of the fabric using the same ratio as discussed above. Using the above steps, you can make your own bean bag chair with a fabric pattern of your choice. It is very simple it could take you up to an hour to make your own chair.