How to tell if Bronchitis is turning into Pneumonia

Can bronchitis lead to pneumonia? And how do you differentiate between bronchitis and pneumonia? Many people cannot tell the difference between these two infections. As a result, they cannot also tell when bronchitis is turning into pneumonia. In simple definitions, bronchitis is an infection that leads to inflammation of the bronchial tubes. With the failure to seek treatment, this inflammation is likely to spread into the lungs. This is the basis for pneumonia development in your lungs.

If you are wondering of how to tell if bronchitis is turning into pneumonia, you need to worry no more. In this article we discuss unique symptoms that differentiate the two diseases as follows;

What are Bronchitis Characteristics?

Extreme symptoms of acute or chronic bronchitis are what results to pneumonia. Bronchitis usually follows after a viral illness at most instances, but it can also develop on its own. Some of the common symptoms of bronchitis include persistent dry coughs with no mucus, chest pains, chills, and shortness of breath, chest congestions, wheezing, sore thoughts and body aches. With acute bronchitis, it can heal without any attending treatment. The healing takes at least one week whereas a cough may last for a few more weeks. However, with chronic bronchitis, seeking treatment from a doctor is vital. If left untreated, chronic bronchitis presents your body other serious infections. This is the case as continuous coughs work to make weak your defense mechanism of the body’s respiratory tract. And this is the point at which pneumonia starts to develop.

Understanding Pneumonia Symptoms

Pneumonia starts to develop in your body when causes of bronchitis infect one or both of your lungs. Pneumonia can take bacterial, viral or mycoplasmal nature. At its early stages, pneumonia may express similar symptoms to those associated with bronchitis. As a result, not many people will tend to seek treatment at these early stages. However, as its condition continues to develop, the disease exposes you to more likelihood of death.

Is Bronchitis Turning to Pneumonia

For you to know if bronchitis is turning into pneumonia, it is advisable to be observant with changes in bronchitis symptoms. This way, you will be able to tell how long the symptoms of bronchitis last and if there is any improvement. Some of the signs to tell if bronchitis is turning to pneumonia include;

  • With bronchitis, we have already seen that it will result in a dry cough with no mucus. In the case of pneumonia, however, the mucus will become thicker than expected from a normal cough.
  • The chest pains will also be more painful than those experienced in the case of bronchitis.
  • People developing pneumonia symptoms also experience more shortness of breath.
  • If you start developing symptoms of pneumonia, your body temperature will range from 39 degrees to 40 degree Celsius resulting to a high fever.
  • Also, if your bronchitis is turning into pneumonia, you will also be experiencing bloody mucus. This is a sign that you should not wait to know that you are suffering from pneumonia as it risks your life to death.
  • Other symptoms of pneumonia include fatigue, headaches, and chills.

In conclusion, the main difference between bronchitis and pneumonia is that bronchitis will affect the bronchial tubes while pneumonia affects the lungs. How to carry on with pneumonia treatment will depend on its cause. Pneumonia threatens your life and can result in even death. Seeking emergency treatment, therefore, it is of paramount importance. Consider to keep track of bronchitis symptoms and consult with a doctor in case any susceptible signs start to develop.