How to Use a Can Opener With One Wheel

Food canning has revolutionized the world, in terms of food preservation. You can now carry

food for many days to places where you cannot access food and not worry about it going bad.

Canned foods also come in large varieties meaning that you can enjoy a healthy meal. With

this new development came the trouble of opening these cans. People used to put these cans

over a fire so that they could pop open. This method was not only tasking but also time-consuming

. Since the invention of the first can opener, there have been many developments

to improve the product. In this article, I will give insight on how to use a can opener with one


Preparing to Open the Can

To begin with, you need to find a flat surface where you can place the can and can opener.

You have to ensure that this surface is clean. Secondly, you should clean your can and the

can opener itself. We are dealing with food here and it is important to maintain the highest

standards of hygiene. Another important thing is to ensure that the can opener is sharp, to

make work easier. If it is not sharp enough, you can easily sharpen it using a knife sharpener.

How to Position the Blade

Next, you have to ensure that the blade is firmly placed on the lid. If you are not firm enough,

it might slip from your hands cutting you or someone next to you. You have to assert enough

pressure with the blade on the lid of the can so that you can be able to successfully puncture

it. You then have to turn the knob of the can opener, go round and round until you cut out the

lid of the entire can. The good thing about this single wheel can opener is that it has magnets

that hold the can in place and all you have to do is concentrate on opening the lid. You should

watch out while doing this because the lid will be sharp when you open it. The magnets in the

can open should be able to lift off the lid once you cut it out completely.

Cleaning and Storage

It is likely that the blade gets dipped into your canned food as you open it. You should,

therefore, ensure that you clean it appropriately so that no bacteria develop on the can opener.

If you fail to do this, the bacteria may get into your food the next time you use it and it may

bring about diseases that might affect you and your loved ones. You are also required to

return the blade to its normal position for safety purposes.

It is therefore very easy to use a single wheel can opener, no major difference from other

kinds. All you have to do is to sharpen it when it becomes blunt and to clean it up nicely after

use. This can opener will in a big way ease the burden of opening cans, making it less time

consuming and fun!