How to wear behind the neck headphones

If you are a person who operates on an active lifestyle, you have to option but to acquire a behind-the-neck headphone. These headphones, also called, the headbands are smaller, more compact in size, and do not impose too much clutter when worn. This is mainly because they accept signals in the form of Bluetooth technology which is wireless. You have them for your taking if you are constantly fidgeting or change locations every quite often.

Acquiring these headphones in and of itself is not enough. You need to know how to put them on well. The following are the steps to follow to put these headphones on well:

Step 1: Place the headphones in the proper ears

Most of these headphones are strictly designed to fit specific ears. They are marked ‘L’ and ‘R’ indicating ‘left’ and ‘right’ respectively. You cannot put one earbud on the other. Some though do not have this strict marking. As such, they are capable of fitting either ears.

After you have put them on, be sure to adjust the appropriately so that they might fit as nearly as can be. Be mindful of your comfort as well. You do not want to strain your hearing faculties by squeezing the headphones too tightly into the ears, do you?

Step 2: Make appropriate adjustments

After you have fit the headphones well into your ears, now carry out some finer adjustments. Lift the headphones and then place the earbuds over your head. Let the earbuds rest on the ears comfortably. See to it also that the cord sits perfectly at the back of your neck and head with the cables behind your ears.

Step 3: Tighten the Cables

Given that these headphones are mainly applicable for those active lifestyles and circumstances, you want to be certain to tighten the cables. To do this, adjust the earbuds in such a way as to have it fit perfectly. Proceed to tighten the cables in order to achieve some perfect snug fit. You are now good to go!

Step 4: Test the Headphones

You now have to test the headphones to ascertain that they work properly. To do this, turn on the music source and listen to the sounds that are reproduced by the headphones. Vary the volume upwards and downwards accordingly. Also play around with the tone, bass, and pitch of the sounds. You may have to make further adjustments if you find the quality of the sound output unsatisfactory.

While at it, try to run around, jog, squat, or jump. Monitor the behavior of the headphone as you carry out these physical activities. Needless to say, you may also have to make further adjustments to correct any inconsistencies.


Whereas these headphones are easy to wear even in your first attempt, great care has to be taken to put them on properly. This is because they have the ability to strangle you if worn inappropriately. This particularly is the case if you intend to use them for intense physical training and exercises.