Is a Citrus Juicer or Lemon Squeezer Better for Lemons

Tips to Buying the Best Citrus Juicer or Lemon Squeezer

A citrus juicer is a handy accessory for most kitchens. When you need to prepare a glass of iced lemonade on a hot day, whip up lemon vinaigrette to dress a salad or drink fresh orange juice for an early morning boost, there is nothing beats this than a freshly squeezed juice. Packed with useful minerals and vitamins such as vitamin C, orange juice and lemon possesses plenty of health benefits and anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, as well as anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, fresh juice is essential because you can be sure it is a hundred percent pure with zero added sugar or preservatives. Here are tips to consider when buying a citrus juicer or lemon squeezer for lemons.

Purpose of Use

When it comes to selecting the ideal citrus juicer, you require contemplating what you want to use the device for. Possibly, the most crucial quality is the amount of juice it can acquire from a single unit by use of the least amount of effort. Is a citrus juicer or lemon squeezer better for lemons? If you plan on using lots of lemons, you will require a professional quality lemon squeezer. On the other hand, cheaper models are recommended if you think you require a small amount of juice.

How the Squeezer Functions

The manual lemon squeezers are typically easier to clean and assemble and they take up much less space in a standard kitchen. Additionally, the manual squeezers are much more affordable in comparison to the electric ones, and their only disadvantage is that they take a lot of time to make a lot of juice. You will require purchasing an electric squeezer if you will be squeezing high volumes of lemon juice. Nonetheless, the electric squeezer is noisy and requires one to change the batteries on various models.

Some users prefer manual squeezers over electrical ones because they consider juice produced by the manual tools to contain high nutrients and also taste better. An electric squeezer may heat up the juice, and this result in a change of flavor as well as a reduction in certain nutrients.

Carrying out Extensive Research

Selecting the best lemon squeezer requires careful and extensive research. It is crucial to look at various aspects when researching for the best squeezer. For instance, you can consider reading the online reviews regarding the product that you are buying. Be sure to read the positive and negative reviews as published by the previous consumers. With the reviews, you will have an easier time selecting the best lemon squeezer.

The make of the Lemon Squeezer

When buying a lemon squeezer, it is essential to consider its make. The lemons squeezers are made acid-resistant and solid materials. There are various makes in the market such as plastic, ceramic and metal (mostly aluminum). Although plastic squeezers are considerably cheap, they may not last as long as metallic squeezers, and you will be needed to visit a shop now and then.

Lastly, most of you can agree that freshly made juice is the best drinks. Citrus fruits such lemons are the most frequently used fruits in drinks. It is only rational that you take fresh lemon juice whenever possible, and you will need a lemon squeezer to make the fresh juice at home. When shopping for a better lemon squeezer, follow the tips mentioned above to the latter.