Magic Mushroom Microdosing vs Low Dosage

What is the difference between taking magic mushrooms in micro-dosage from a low dosage? Know the difference here for a healthier and safer psychedelic trip.

Magic mushrooms are under the psilocybe genus of mushrooms. This classification of mushrooms contains a substance called psilocybin, hence the name psilocybe. This biological compound is a hallucinogen. It shares similar effects to LSD, an example psychedelic substance. Therefore, magic mushrooms are the only consumable fungus family that causes hallucination and psychoactive effects.

Consuming shrooms is not dangerous when supervised and administered correctly. Take note that magic mushrooms are divided into several strains, and each one possesses a different potency level. Less potent shrooms have lower psilocybin content. These magic mushrooms are safe for beginners since it produces milder psychedelic effects. Although one may experience euphoria, it is not strong enough to limit mobility and cognition.

On the other hand, only experienced psychonauts are allowed to use more potent magic mushrooms. Though they may have experience taking potent shrooms, they are not allowed to use such substances without supervision. Extremely potent magic mushrooms cause intense hallucinations that may lead to paranoia.

The negative effects of psilocybin are the primary reason why experts and experienced psychonauts recommend beginners to use either microdosing or consume a low dosage of the substance.

Microdosing vs Low Dosage

Many online sources suggest using a micro dosage of magic mushrooms. They go as far as creating a comparison of dosages and their specific effect on the body, which you could look here.

Microdosing is different from taking a substance in a low dosage. It is the practice of consuming a very small dose compared to the recommended low dosage of a substance. Experts, likewise, call microdosing a sub-perceptual dose; a person will not experience changes in perception but gain the benefits of taking the psychedelic.

Remember that shrooms are stimulants. A microdose of magic mushroom causes alteration in mood, thinking, concentration, and energy levels. For example, one may experience higher productivity and physical performance without suffering from its psychoactive effects.

A microdose is the 10th to 20th portion of the normal allowable dosage of a substance. Therefore, if the normal low dosage of magic mushroom is 1 to 2.5 grams, its micro dosage will range from about 0.1 to 0. 25 grams.

Low dosage is the normal lowest allowable dosage of a psychedelic. Although the dosage is low, it still offers psychedelic effects. Taking a low dosage of magic mushroom induces a similar experience when one takes a micro dosage but more intense. Likewise, it causes minimal changes in visual perception and a feeling of euphoria. One may also feel giddier after taking a low dosage of magic mushroom.

A low dosage of magic mushroom is between 1 to 1.5 grams. But take note that the effect may also vary depending on the shroom strain. Potent mushroom strains produce above-average psychedelic effects, whereas less potent shroom variants have a milder euphoric impact.

Before choosing a magic mushroom, make sure to get to know the variant. Beginners are advised to select less potent strains and gradually take higher dosages and more potent variants once the body builds resilience towards the substance. In this way, a person can avoid ‘bad trips.’