Optometry: Can You See Your Future Clearly?

Optometry: Can You See Your Future Clearly?

Optometry is an ideal career for those who want to help as many people as possible. When you work in this field, you are helping people to see the world around them as crisp and clearly as possible. This ensures that they are safe when doing things like driving and that they never miss a moment when great things are happening. Biochemistry is another field you can look into if you want to make a career out of helping others. The most important part of both careers is ensuring that you get the right education so that you have the skills you need for a career.

Learning More About Biochemistry

When you want to work in biochemistry, there are several careers paths that you can choose. The following paths are some of the most popular:

  1. Clinical biochemist
  2. Technical writer
  3. Quality control technician
  4. Laboratory assistant
  5. Forensic scientist
  6. Research assistant
  7. Clinical trials associate
  8. Teacher
  9. Patent agent

A four-year degree is required to start a career in biochemistry. It is critical that you pursue this degree at a school that uses the latest curriculum and one with the best professors. To ensure both of these, the school should be fully accredited. There are many schools in the country that offer a high level biochemistry education and these schools include:

  1. Harvard University
  2. University of California – San Francisco
  3. University of California – Berkeley
  4. Scripps Research Institute
  5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  6. University of Wisconsin – Madison

What You Need to Know About Optometry

Optometrists work to evaluate your vision and help you to choose the right vision correction method. They may also perform the following services, depending on their level of education:

  1. Prescribe medications
  2. Perform vision therapy and low vision rehabilitation
  3. Help clients to choose between contacts and glasses
  4. Perform basic surgical procedures

To become an optometrist, you need at least a four-year degree from an accredited university. When the university is accredited, you can feel confident that they are using the latest curriculum and that the professors have a high level of experience. When you attend a school that is held in high regard, you will stand out to employers and increase your chances of finding a job once you graduate. Some of the best optometry schools include:

  1. Ohio State University – Main Campus
  2. University of Houston
  3. Indiana University – Bloomington
  4. University of California – Berkeley
  5. University of Alabama at Birmingham
  6. University of Missouri – St. Louis

Whether you choose to major in optometry or chemistry, you are working toward a career with plenty of job opportunities. This is important because you want to find a job in a field that offers some job security and room for advancement. This ensures that you earn a comfortable salary and that you maintain your job satisfaction. Learning more about each career path before diving in allows you to choose the best one for your goals, needs and wants.

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