Picking a Winner Cloud!

cloud-storage (1)Everywhere you look today, there seems to be an ad promising free storage space on a cloud server just waiting for you to join.  From Google Drive to Microsoft’s SkyDrive, from Box to Dropbox, all of them make offers of free space, and even take on ways to get more space, even if its from a referral service through affiliated links in Dropbox’s case.

There is another company that’s worth a look, and that company is SugarSync. SugarSync compares to the better known Dropbox yet surpasses it. Regarding Online backup and cloud storage, SugarSync allows you to backup any folder of your choice on your computer; Dropbox places limits, though both are capable of real-time upload changes, instant back up of photos taken with a connected iPhone or Android, not to mention versioni9ng with the ability to restore. When it comes to syncing with multiple devices, SugarSync separates from Dropbox by allowing you to select any folder to sync that’s available, i.e. not under an encrypted or hidden attribute.

Both though are able to sync files to a special folder, select which files to sync across people and devices and sync/upload via email, as well.  Sharing and collaborating in both allows you share folders and files of any size, but only SugarSync allows you to share folders with permissions. When it comes to accessing you files anywhere, Dropbox does not allow you to utilize the Microsoft Outlook for Windows Plugin. SugarSync not only allows Outlook plugin, it also supports Windows XP through 8, supplies Mac OS X support, as well as support for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Kindle Fire, Android Devices, and the Blackberry 7.

Another online service proving back up as well as unlimited online backups is BackBlaze. BackBlaze offers a simple plan, just one. It allows you to backup an unlimited amount of data on a single computer with no restriction on file size or individual file type. Their plans work out to Month-to-Month at $5.00/monthly; one year costs $50, or $4.17/monthly and two years is priced at $95.00 ($3.96/month). BackBlaze’s other feature include: back up software support for Windows XP-8 and Mac OS X, their refer-a-friend program gives you one month free for every sign up, storage encryption is 128-bit AES with key stored with 2048-bit RSA. The restore options include: web and mobile apps, desktop software, flash / hard drive shipped by FedEx.

BackBlaze is a very popular backup solution and it’s ideal for businesses too. You can simply download and install, and your files will be backed up automatically. No need to pick folders and files. It’s a great solution for businesses that need to keep their company data safe and secure.