Practical and Functional Travel Gifts for Men

Finding travel accessories for men seems easy enough if these serve as replacements. Men tend to hold on to their precious belongings for as long as these are useful. This is probably the reason why men’s personal items serve practical purposes. Reversible and clip-on ties, fake collars, and luggage with straps and handles all hint that men prefer practical gifts.

It’s difficult for women to understand men’s purchasing habits, but finding gifts for men shouldn’t be too frustrating. You’ll notice that women nest at boutiques as they try out all the items on sale. Men, on the other hand, zero in on the items they want and pay for these at the counter. You shouldn’t be surprised if you rarely see men as tagalongs to girls’ night outs. If you’re looking for a great gift for your guy, then you’d best readjust your approach to shopping and sort out functional and practical items first.

Most men appreciate luggage gifts because they’ll rarely buy these for themselves. You’re inside your comfort zone if you’re a woman, though, because you know the essential features of good luggage, especially handbags. These travel accessories for men have to be sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear, though.

Gym bags are constantly abused and eventually become shabby with overuse. The same goes for overnight and carry-on bags. You should inspect the luggage’s seams for strong stitching, especially on the bottoms and corners which bear the brunt of the bag’s weight. The handle and strap should also be box and cross stitched on thick underlining. Straps should be padded for the shoulders. These features also apply to heaver, bulkier luggage, especially those that come with retractable strollers.

You should also consider replacing your man’s laptop bag. The shabby bag probably came with the laptop purchase so it’s surely seen better days. Choose a replacement with plenty of inner compartments so that it can double as a carry-on during business trips. Laptop bags have default designs, with large front flaps and a zipper that runs across both sides. These features allow easy access during airport security checks, so look for these essentials by default.

Your man may be a gadgethead. If that is the case, then he’s probably one of the many who always have their mobile phones in their hands. Well, you can’t blame your man especially if his iPhone is the main gadget he uses for work and everyday communication. If your man is traveling somewhere, and you’re thinking of the perfect gift for him, then you may want to consider one of these iPhone power banks. A power bank will come in handy especially when he’s out and about. It will ensure he always has lots of battery juice in his iPhone. Moreover, you can always get in touch with him without fear of his phone’s battery getting drained.

The bottom line is that travel accessories for men should not only be stylish but practical, too. Unlike women, most men will rather go for function than form. So keep these gift suggestions in mind if you want to give your man travel accessories that he will certainly appreciate.