Skydrive or Dropbox: Know your Options!

Skydrive or Dropbox: Know your Options!

Skydrive and Dropbox have both shown a lot of promise when it comes to making file sharing easier, but which one is better for your purposes? The answer to this depends greatly on what you plan to use it for and what features you prefer and what your viewing preference is. Let’s take a look at what features are available with each one. This will help you determine which program suits your purposes.


Skydrive is a form of cloud storage. It has been around longer than dropbox and it was made with functionality in mind. There are a lot of great features available through Skydrive and here are the ones that users find worthy of talking about.

Ease of Sharing Files and Document Editing

Sharing files is pretty simple with Skydrive. It can be achieved by a few clicks of the mouse and you can place restrictions on who can view each file.

Document editing is extremely easy inside of Skydrive. You can view your documents and change them without downloading them to your computer. Also, multiple people can edit a document at the same time and the program automatically saves the changes that are made by every editor. Even though multiple people are editing it, the edits result in a single document.

Reliability, Speed and Integration

Unfortunately, compared to Dropbox, Skydrive is extremely slow. It also ends to drop files on occasion, and does not have perfect transfer results.

Skydrive does not have Facebook integration, which is a downside. Social media has become a very important tool in data sharing. It does integrate with Microsoft’s OneNote mobile app and allows notes to be uploaded directly to its platform for optimum storage.


The security offered by Skydrive is another positive. It requires a single password when transferring and storing files.



Dropbox is a more rustic program that does not allow for internal file manipulation. The file must be downloaded, changed and then uploaded in its new form.

Ease of Sharing Files

Only one person can access the file at any given time. It does not allow much flexibility in file sharing but it does allow more than one user to access groups of files. When a file is downloaded for change, it must then be uploaded back into the program. This results in two separate documents with the same purpose.

Reliability, Speed and Integration

Dropbox has an almost perfect transfer rating, especially when it is compared to Skydrive. It is also dramatically faster in transferring files. Files can also be shared on Facebook and assigned to share only in specific groups, which is an added bonus.

Dropbox was not created with any specific file system in mind. Because of this, it is not compatible with newer Microsoft programs, like OneNote.


Dropbox requires two levels of passwords when accessing files. This is a lot more secure than the current Skydrive options for password security. Dropbox also offers added encryption options to prevent unauthorized users from being able to access saved files.

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