Time Well Spent!

careerFor some there’s nothing they would rather do than spend time in learning institutions filling their heads with knowledge. For others time spent in school may seem like an eternal task that will never end. For those of you who have difficulties with your studies, take heart. It’s estimated that the earnings difference between a degree holder compared to that of a non-degree holder is vast; a high school graduate has the opportunity to earn approximately $1.4 million dollars over their working lifetime as compared to one who holds a Bachelor’s degree, who may earn up to $2.4 million. So in the end the college graduate obtains more education (which no one can take away from you), and double the earnings potential.

One career that is in high demand is that of a veterinarian; in the last year alone, people in the U.S. spent approximately 56 billion, yes that’s billion dollars to keep their pets healthy and happy.  To become a veterinarian one must be empathetic and enjoy working with animals. One must also be able to handle stressful situations such as those who are grieving, angry pet owners and possibly even neglected pets.

It takes a total of seven to nine years to become a veterinarian; three to five years are spent in undergraduate studies and another four years is spent in veterinary school. Many who choose this profession go on to obtain specialty certificates in livestock care, equine medicine, or zoological medicine.

A career that is great for those who like to work on a freelance basis is that of journalism. The amount of money that can be made in this field varies widely as some individuals hold high school diplomas while others have taken their career a bit more seriously and obtained a college degree.  Most “serious” journalists hold a four year degree from a well-known journalism school; while other go on to obtain their masters or doctorate degree in journalism.

For someone who is serious about journalism seeking out a company that will allow you to intern while finishing high school can be very valuable. Editors of large publications do not like to hire inexperienced writers, so having a portfolio available of your writing style and past published articles will help you to land that position. There are also many online websites that will allow anyone, degree or not, to write for their clients. You simply sign up and you’re off with your first assignment. Be aware that because you are ghostwriting with no credentials the pay is very low. However write enough articles in the day and you can make a nice bit of pocket money! And it also gives you valuable experience writing and researching different projects.

School can sometimes seem like a never ending chore, but the light at the end of the tunnel is much brighter with the more education you can obtain.