Using Sound Engineering To Hack Your Brain Into Happiness

Music - woman wearing headphones listening to music with music nMusic has the ability to evoke powerful emotions in people; it can trigger either intense happiness or deep sadness. Music also has the ability to change the way our brains think, and research has proven that studying music can increase the size of your grey matter.

With the relatively recent ability to study the brain using computerized tomography (CT), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scientists can now “watch” the way different parts of the brain reacts to various stimuli presented to the subject. A special dye is injected into a person’s bloodstream, which will allow an increase in contrast so that the brain can be viewed more easily.

One study involved patients who were getting ready for surgery. Some of the patients were given anti-anxiety drugs while others were instructed to listen to calming music before the surgery. The conclusion of the study determined that the patients who listened to music had lower levels of the stress hormone called cortisol and also less anxiety about the surgery in general.

Other studies have concluded that children with learning issues can benefit from musical training, as can patients who are experiencing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Those who suffer from PTSD can benefit greatly from music therapy. A child who studies music during school age will see an increase in language development and score better on tests. It has even been proven that a child with music education has a higher IQ than their non-musical companions. While studying and playing music the brain tends to work harder as it is being used more. Even people that are elderly who begin to study music will see an increase in their memory.

Now we have a group based in the U.K. that has figured out how to tap into the brains happy place. The London based group Eaux has recorded a piece of music that can make a person feel good to the point of euphoria. With the help of a sound engineer they were able to take a track from their new album Plastics and remix it in such a way that it stimulates both the left and right sides of the brain. The song that was remixed called Head must be listened to on headphones because particular sounds and beats are made for each side of the brain and can only be experienced in this manner. With the help of a music producer we can now experience the first piece of music specifically designed to make people happy termed a “brainwave entertainment sequence”.

This could easily be the future of music; it’s easy to imagine that musicians will create pieces of music specifically to evoke happy feelings which will in turn cause people to buy their music. As with all new developments, research will be needed to determine if any harm can occur from manipulating our brainwaves in this fashion. It’s possible that some individuals could become hooked on this “feel good” music much the same way a person becomes hooked on other things that make them feel good such as drugs and alcohol.